A Buggy Level...

I paying the game normally and I seen this level:

'Bug Carrera' by 'Ahefe' https://bbr.traplightgames.com/level/5a00dee22000002ab51860d1/

This “bug” is normal or not?


  • It has happened to me once. I guess it's not that unlikely that it happens by chance. It's one of the interesting bugs in the game like the outside of the map one.
  • I have no idea how he did that, it happened to me to but when I drew some suff around it, it turned back to normal..
  • I also wonder how this is possible.I already posted a discussion about this earlier today.
  • Yeah I didn't see it before I post my comment, sorry @vtvy
  • Nah.it's ok @Skillman :)
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