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How to make the terrain glitch happen! And why it happens!

So how do we make the terrain glitch happen?

It looks like this:

We will split the guide into two sections:

Section One: How to Make it Happen
Section Two: Why it Happens

Section One: How to Make it Happen

So first off the hard part is finding it you can experiment with letters numbers and the sort, but it will not always happen, luck is involved so KEEP ON TRYING

Bonus Mini Section: How to Change the Type of Land

Let’s say that your land that the glitch happened on was metal

How do you change it? Well here is an easy & simple solution!

First, you take the land that you used, and surround it with a different brush/land (type doesn’t matter!)
I call this “the mold”

And then you erase the land causing the glitch:

And then you fill it in with the new land that you want the glitch to be on:

Take the other land/the mold off:

And Presto! You have the glitch in a new color!

Now let’s go back to where we were!

If you are lucky enough to do it then how do you make a new one? We can’t just make 10 of them without a cloning method, this might take some work, but it will be FAR easier than just trying to make a new one every time!

So first you take the one that you have:

Then surround it by metal/fire or lava, if it’s one of the two, do the other!

Notice those red things on the sides? It’s so that we know the sides of the frame, in this case it’s a metal frame - a fire or lava frame would be useless because it would interfere with the glitch, and make it not happen, the size of the frame is important for making the next step!

Next, make another frame next to it and you can do multiple, but the frames must be the same size inside as the original one! I can’t stress that enough, if you change the size it may or may not work, and we won’t take a chance here! Side note: the terrain can also vary, but it’s again another chance, I took it here so you can see what I meant

See how there is a hole in one of the three metal frames without anything? That can be used for spacing to make your glitches all spaced out! Lol... you can also change the colour of the glitches - (see far above)

At this point you can make more glitches in the holes, by copying the exact dimensions of the glitch in the first one to the other ones
Do remember that spacing is still an option!

And at this point you can do everything!

Change the color, make it happen, make new ones happen that are both adjacent and spaced out from the first! So it might be work, but you have it all the easiest way possible at your fingertips! Now it’s time for part two! *drumroll!*

Section Two: Why it Happens

So you remember that the glitch can only be interfered by removing all of part of it, or by adding more of that color land in a certain radius (the radius is how big the glitch is) well it happens because of most likely, (I’m not a designer) but it happens because of the fact that the game probably cannot handle certain combinations of one color in an “area” an area is the part that the glitch covers, there are areas all over the dome, even outside the dome! This is why I used the metal frame to highlight the “area”’s area (lol) and move it, all areas are identical to how the respond to the combinations, making the glitches happen in the same place in any area!

It probably happened because of errors in the coding (let’s keep it traplight!) if you want to get rid of it because your letters/writing were disturbed or whatever then you can place another pixel of the same color in the “area” to clear this rare pest!

And that’s all for today! Hope you can now make your levels better with this knowledge at your fingertips!

-Xx Wither xX

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