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6 player races

Just a thought but could it be considered to increase the racing levels players to be 6 racers instead of 4. Not only would it be a bit more competitive and have potentially closer races hopefully...but would also give option of awarding more points and maybe to the first 3 places. I am certain this would be received positively and would encourage more people to race more often.
Thoughts and opinions?
Thanks for consideration traplight.


  • I think this might be a good idea!
    But what happens with me on four racers races is that sometimes I get ranked with people with a 1000cc kart or bike and i cant beat them so easily... I need to find tricks to jump off parts and so I can´t enjoy the level... --> I almost jumped 1/2 of a level, but I needed more speed... so thats a problem :-/
    I believe that that part should be also improved!
  • I think players are grouped by a combination of factors including completion time, points gained and their cc. I think everyone agrees that what you describe happens but it means you are a good racer if it happens regularly ☺.
    I hope it gets considered to increase to 6 racers as I think it would really improve the racing aspect.
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