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Pac’s Best of 2017

This year was full of stuff! From the first anniversary to my first levels over 500 likes (sad, I know), this was hard to miss. I will only be showing the top 3 liked levels, since I made over 300 levels this year, over 3 times as much as 2016. Here are my top 3 liked levels:
3: Slap Happy Racing!
'Slap Happy Racing!' by 'packid851'
2: FastForward
'FastForward' by 'packid851'
And #1 is........
'Sleek' by 'packid851'
Now for some highlights...
First level(s) over 500 likes AND a level near 1k likes (probably will surpass or meet next year in January.)
1 year anniversary of both the game and my account
Near Advanced rank
Eat My Dust, packid851
Yes, that is my Big Bang Racing username
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