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Team trophies

Quick question.. our team shows 6/50 players. And showing 5583 team trophies. But if you add all trophies in team we have close to 10000 . I have 5000 myself and my son has 2500 . Is there something we doing wrong or is it a glitch?

Best Answer


  • Team Trophies are calculated with weights, the higher you are within your Team, more your Trophy count contributes to the Team Trophies. 50% of Team's Trophies come from 1-10, 25% from 11-20 etc.
  • Still don't get it? I understand that coin win ratio is from trophies. But if I have 5000 trophies and and my son has 2500 trophies and about 2000 from rest team. That should put us in the next coin win ratio. Not a huge deal but says we need to get 8000 trophies to get to next level. And says we only have 5500. Just the math doesnt add up
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