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Blackscreen right after the animated traplight logo

hi everyone :-) my game wont load, i get a blackscreen right after the animated traplight logo when i open the app.
my device is a iphone 6s... anyone else with the same prob? devs please help im addicted

Best Answers

  • Accepted Answer
    We have now identified the source of the bug, and are working on an emergency update. We are terribly sorry for the trouble this bug has caused!
  • Accepted Answer

    it doesnt work on wlan and mobile data..

    remove the sim card and it will you fool :bleep_bloop:
  • Accepted Answer
    It works now for me with WiFi and flight mode ... try it out Lori... @the devs: thanks for taking care!!!
  • Accepted Answer
    Tricked the problem doing their suggestion of airplane mode. Turn airplane mode on and open the game, it will give u the second loading screen and say there’s is a problem with your internet connection, turn airplane mode off and I got in!


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