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What is missing for level creators...

This game is about aliens, but how many aliens do we see? Not very many I’m afraid.

We need more aliens in our levels!

How about fixing that?

For convenience I will disclose the rest of this in a spoiler so you can get on to the comments below.

You could add an alien decoration to put in levels.

This would allow for creative uses of alien statues and creations. I wonder what kind of statues would be used and what they would look like, but what if we wanted to custom our own aliens? We could customize these statues, or we could...

Use an alien skin material

Very similar to how Dirt/Mud/Ice/Metal/Electric would work, you could add an alien skin material to that list too. It would be cool, and would let us add aliens to our levels and express them. I also know that this is possible at the current time, with current technology that Traplight has. Only problem is that some creators might make ugly sculptures of misshapen aliens ;)

You could also use some alien action stuff sort of like the explosive chicken decoration (aliens do something if you come too close) you could also (cringe warning) have aliens get run over by the vehicle (they don’t have to die, but still)

Thank you for reading! I hope that you enjoyed and that traplight can implement this in-game!
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