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Olympian Championships! - Creation

The Olympian Creation Championships

How to participate on Creation:

The top 16 active Creators from May in the Leaderboard will compete against each other in a 3 stage Ladder Championship to determine who is the Olympian Champion! Participants will have one week to create a stunning level to compete with.

  • You will have all of May to reach the top 16 on the Leaderboard. (Starting May 1st)
  • The top 16 Creators in the Leaderboard will qualify for the Championship (unless they forfeit or do not wish to participate)
  • Players will be paired and will Create a level to compete with their opponents Level for Likes.
  • The level with the most Likes will allow the Creator to proceed to the next stage and face another opponent.
  • Players will create a second level to participate in the next round.
  • The 3rd match will be the Finale, with the top 4 players competing against all others.
Important dates:
  • May 1st: Qualifying Month begins.
  • June 1st: Participants will be announced and Matched, Prizes will be revealed! Participants begin creating their first level.
  • June 8th: First levels are published! (Top 16)
  • June 11th: Winners of the 1st round are chosen, Participants start the second level.
  • June 15th: Second levels are published (Top 8)
  • June 18th: Winners of the 2nd round are chosen, Participants start the third and final level.
  • June 22th:Final levels are published (Top 4)
  • June 27th: Winner is selected and Creation Olympian Championship Celebration Begins with Social Award Ceremony.
We will announce the prizes on June the 1st, But let's say that those participating will have a chance at earning an Exclusive Olympian Champions Hat!!!!! Among other things ;)

*Side note: Creators participating on May's Leaderboard might want to make levels according to the Olympiad's Theme. Also remember the Racing Championship will be ongoing and we could have some awesome Racing levels as well :D
--- Barb

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