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Creation Challenge Tribute to Schwifty Rick as he retires from BBR

Hello all! Many of us who enjoy playing BBR know Schwifty Rick. For those who don't, he started the team Rick&Morty c137 almost 2 years ago and has successfully led the team to great heights. Rick has decided to step away from the game, effectively retiring from BBR. As DK420840 & I take over the helm of R&Mc137, we felt it would be fitting to pay tribute to Schwifty Rick and his many contributions to BBR over the past 2 years. Therefore, we would like to take the opportunity to invite any and all to create a RACING level as a tribute to Rick.

Here's the deal:
Why: to pay tribute to Schwifty Rick as he retires from BBR
Who: anyone on any team can make a level
What: Create a RACING level (bike or car) that is fast and furious, just like Rick :-) Don't forget to have 'Schwifty Rick' somewhere in the title.
When: the month of May
How: We will keep track of levels made by members of R&M, but for those outside the team, we invite you to post links in this thread. We'd like to vote on all of the levels in early June. There is no prize other than knowing that you made the Schwifty-est level of them all.

So pack up your Mortys cuz it's time to get Schwifty! Wubba lubba dub dub!


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