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How to recover my old account?

edited May 16 in FAQ's
If you had previously connected your account with Facebook, please follow these instructions here.

To reconnect to your old account, we need you to contact us and provide us with this information:
  1. Current player ID (it looks something like "@abcd", found on Settings screen)
  2. Old account player ID (Click here for help finding it)
  3. Information to verify that the account is yours, it doesn't have to be exact, but a good approximation:
    • How many coins did you had?
    • How many gems did you had?
    • How many levels had you finished in Adventure for Offroader, and also for Dirtbike?
    • When was the last time that you logged onto that account?
    • Did you had any levels saved on the editor?
    • Did you had any in-app purchases?
Once we receive your request and confirm that the account is yours, we will connect it back to you.
--- Barb

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