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How can I join a Team?

Once you have collected a minimum of 400 trophies on either of the vehicles and "the Teams" icon has been lit up, you will be able to either create your own Team, or join one.

To Create your own:
  • Tap on 'Teams'
  • You need to have 1000 coins
  • Click on "Create New Team"
  • Enter the Team name (You cannot change this once it's set)
  • Enter a description for the Team
  • Set the required trophies to join, or leave blank for no requirement.
  • Set if the Team will be
    • Open - Anyone can join.
    • Friends Only - Only players that have befriended a Team member can join.
    • Closed - No one else can join.
  • Congratulations! Your Team is now created!
Now it is up to you to find players to join you. You can try the Global chat to see if anyone wants to join you. Good luck!

To join an existing one:

You need to meet the requirements of the Team that you will be joining. There also needs to be open spots on it for you to join.
  • Tap on 'Teams'
    • Join one of the suggested Teams on the first screen, or
    • Tap on 'Search' and write the name of a Team that you already know
  • Tap on 'Join Team'
  • Congratulations! Now you are in a Team!
  • If the 'Teams' icon is Grayed out:
It means that you have not yet gathered the required minimum of 400 trophies with either the Dirtbike or the Offroader (combined Trophies do not work). The ‘Teams’ icon on the top of the main screen will light up when you do.
--- Barb

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