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Suggest new hats!



  • n00b said:

    Sorry for spam but does editing just add a new comment?

    @Yoda @n00b I added members the possibility to edit messages now :) Please use this power responsibly, and don't twist or distort conversations by editing. Use it preferably for additional info and fixing typos, thanks! :)
  • What about when you level up a vehicle to 150cc you get a bronze version of the dirt bike helmet then at 250cc you get a silver one and at 315cc you get a gold one and finally at 375cc you get a diamond one
  • BluBlu
    edited September 2016

    Maybe a mullet/ trump-like toupee
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  • And maybe another object that you touch and makes a hole in the ground, the created can make it as big as they want
  • @Speed like a remote explosive? You can use a force field that appears inside an explosive and that will make it blow up, and air bombs make bigger holes than barrels. :) But to have a simpler way to make that and save on force fields would be great.
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  • True, what about the hats though
  • They look awesome :D
    Just a guy who loves games : )
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  • It will be cool to have a mask of a human
  • An astronaut helmet would tie nicely with the gravity addition
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  • Tiki mask, actor mask
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  • Great ideas - and now that @nino said the astronaut helmet out loud, I am really wondering why we didn't put it in with the Gravity update... Well, we do what we can with the team we have!
  • Hey! What about a ROBOT hat or head??
  • We kind of have a robot hat already (one of the secret ones) :)
  • I didnt know...
  • No problem :)
  • New hat;- Girlish hair?? :/
  • What kind of girly hair? We also want to add hats for girls/women but we haven't managed to inspire our artists. What would be cool hats for that?

  • @Traplight Flower crown or something of the sorts maybe?
    Just a guy who loves games : )
    N00b - @bb19
  • Rabbit ears?
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  • A pair of knickers
  • Alabama Crimson Tide football helmet. Roll Tide
  • I didn't read all posts before... so some ideas maybe already told.

    - Kratos face mask
    - E.T. mask
    - Gollum mask
    - Knight helmet
    - Freddie Kruger mask
    - Marvel/DC masks/helmets (Thor, Iron Man, Batman, Cpt. America...)

    If there might be some copyright issues by it...

    - painted indian face with feather head band and an arrow thru the head.
    - cyborg mask in Terminator style (someone said that and I like it)
    - Pac Man helmet
    - Zombie mask as a The Walking Dead Tribute
    - grey Alien mask (I love the idea of an alien wearing a grey alien mask to look like an alien xD)
    - Abraham Lincoln mask
    - emo mask
    - scars and stitches mask

    Anyway... that's just not the reason why I am here.
    The main reason is to ask you guys, as a matter of fact that you don't wear a helmet in editor mode, will a helmet add new collision boxes if I put one on? Or is there a fixed area around the head that won't change no matter what helmet I wear?

    Need yo know that for a new track in my head. :-)
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  • Howdy Hauzuwieniex!

    It is exactly the same collision, confirmed by one of our coders. We wanted to make sure that the levels are passable without hitting one's head, that's why there's no hats in the editor mode - but it should work the same.
  • edited December 2016
    What about a bobble head helmet? The coding required for that might not be worth it, though.
    Edit: Or how about a hologram hat? Just take one of the other hats, maybe the cap, and give it the same appearance as if one of the ghosts in a race was wearing it.
  • What about a ninja mask it would very awsome right
  • A sombrero would be awesome thing to have!
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  • And a toxic suit mask lol.
    Whoever heeds life-giving correction
    will be at home among the wise ~
    Proverbs 15:31
  • Liking the Ninja mask idea, I came here with a different one... much closer and more important for an alien to survive out there... a glass bubble helmet, as they wear it on any old cartoon out there.

    "Does believing you're the last sane man on the planet make you crazy?"
    - Will Smith, iRobot
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