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Level problem

edited August 2016 in Bug reports
Hello my name is Nino and I have encountered a problem with one of my levels (Junkyard City' by 'Nino'

There's rock that was supposed to shatter upon contact but after pressing "go live".. It doesn't. And its a mayor problem as it isnt allowing you to continue the level. Now i've cleared and tested the level around 10 times in a row and it worked fine, thats how I finished it and published it in the first place. But then I tried again after going live and it doesnt explode.

Wish there was a way to at least edit it, or have the level retract get it redone and republished.. Or have someone from your team to remove the rock.

I can see the angry downvotes pouring on me lol
Great game btw (supported your effort through purchases also)
My BBR code: @k76j


  • Hi @nino Thank you for letting us know. The problem is that the physics of the game can change just a little bit after you publish the level. Even if you test something a million times in the Editor, once you publish, that same thing might work a bit differently. This is a "feature" of the physics engine that we use, and there is honestly nothing we can do to stop this from happening.

    What I suspect happened in your case, is that you had just barely enough force to break the stone while in Editor, but once you published, some variables changed so that now you have barely not ENOUGH force to break the stone. It might come down to some silly small details or numbers...

    The fact that the physics can change a little bit after publishing is one reason why we would need to level editing option after the level is live. As I told in the Most Asked For Features thread, this is something that we have on our to-do-list, but it is not an easy or fast feature to make due to many connections that a published level has in our system. We need to make sure that deleting/editing already published levels doesn't break anything for any other player, so it is not as easy as it might sound at first :)

    I am sorry that your level gets hate now :( :s We will do our best to get the editing option out there in the future! In the meanwhile it is good practice to avoid (if possible) creating too detailed things that require JUST the exact amount of force for something to happen. Better make it overkill than leave it hanging by a thread, if you know what I mean :D
  • Hello again. Thank you for the full respond. You are a bit right, perhaps I was pushing a bit of game psychics that werent meant to work the way I wanted them (when you enclose a rock in a tight place it exploded upon contact). Somehow it shifted to the right thus not working after going live. You are right the variables changed from editor to going live. A small change but guess thats all it takes. Anyway, your advice is taken, i will simplify things from now on and hoping maybe the editing/level retracting might be possible in the future if it isnt messing up with the whole system. I understand this is still an under development game, wish you nothing but the best.

    Btw the rock can break if you're persistent, hit it 10 to 12 times..

    As for the downvotes.. Its alright, i make levels firstly to enjoy them myself :smile:
    My BBR code: @k76j
  • Yo probé el nivel dos veces y pude romper la roca de inmediato :v
  • I miss Nino, I know this junkyard level bugged him alot but he really innovated the way maps are built here. He didn't just do what everyone would like but he did races, impossible levels, and impossible races- he ran the gambit on level creating.
  • For sure @nino makes some very cool game-changer levels. Hope he comes back :)
    --- Barb

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  • I never left the game per say

    But due to some events in personal life, I cannot longer play as much as I would like too.

    Still keeping my eye on this game every now and then :)

    My BBR code: @k76j
  • :'( The only person that innovated more than Nino is Lorp Loggins. I see copyers everywhere, but that doesn't mean Nino isn't good. He is.
    Eat My Dust, packid851
    Yes, that is my Big Bang Racing username
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