My app crash

Big Bang Racing crash almost every time I play. Because of that I lost several trophies because when I play in a race and the app crash, I loose some trophies and it's annoying.Or when I create a level and the app crash, I lost everything I have do on my levels and it's annoying too.


  • The developers can't do too much without a bit more information --

    What is your device model and software version?

    Can you provide any crash dumps? (Not sure how to do this on android) for iOS go to the settings app > Privacy > Diagnostics & Usage > Diagnostics & Usage Data and look for a report starting with the app name. (Best to send this to support rather than posting in the forum as it can contain personal info)
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    Thank you @Bibliophile for your help in this matter! And yes @Tigui2 as Bibliophile here said, it is best to contact us through the support as we might need to ask some personal info there :) I am really sorry about the game crashes that you are experiencing! We will do our best to figure out what is going on and hopefully we can get the game fixed for you soon! :)
  • Thanks @wempu
    Don't worry, I like your game even if it crash :smiley:
  • Whenever i press the race button on either off-roader or dirt bike my game crashes. i have tried uninstall and reinstalling but that didn't help. Please Help!
  • @wempu need my trophies since I'm on global leaderboard for the 1st time! Thanks, and I contacted support
    Eat My Dust, packid851
    Yes, that is my Big Bang Racing username
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