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Created level not showing up in new levels.

I created this level yesterday. I opened the app this morning and found that not only did I have no likes (not too surprising...) I also had no dislikes. Can levels be dropped from the new levels without being played by anyone?

'Angular Momentum' by 'Bibliophile'


  • edited October 2016
    Well, *I'll* go ride it!

    I'll go die on it!
  • No they don't get dropped from the new levels! We did, however, experience a long queue of New levels and not as many people were playing them. That's why we might have a backlog waiting to be played. This should normalize soon as we implemented some changes to help the line along :)
  • @Traplight Is there a way to play more good or bad levels than the game sometimes allows? As in i find i can only play 5 or 6 sometimes every 5 minutes, other times no new ones will load for 15-20mins... is this a server backlog issue too?
  • Hi @Splodge. Now you are facing the other side of the coin, there are too few levels being made new. This means that there are not enough Good or Bad levels out there to be able to show more to you. We will adjust some parameters in how we distribute the levels. We usually do this adjustment manually as things change all the time. We will look into it to see what needs to be done. Thank you so much for the Heads Up! :)

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