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Controls stop responding

I've had this issue only on the newest version of the game. The controls occasionally stop registering my finger after I've pushed either tilt or speed. So after I've done a backflip and landed, the vehicle starts slowing down. Or the vehicle doesn't start to flip at all unless I press the button again. I'm not sure if this is something that anyone else sees.

Device: Samsung S7 Edge.

It's really frustrating. On multiple occasions I've lost couple of runs when trying to complete, and I'm not even nearly good enough to win on the first solid try. The bug also eats a lot of nitros obviously.


  • @apina i have experienced this on occassion, it's hard to tell if it is actually due to a dirty screen or the device sensitivity being reduced etc.. try flipping your phone upside down (so the controls are on a different part of your physical phone screen.

    One of the guys in my team (gdn) is a long term player and he has experienced the cancellation of one control or the other a lot.

    For me it has been primarily the flip on the bike sometimes stops mid air or almost has a lag-like response and the bike rotates in slow motion.

    Gdn said that he experienced loss of one function when switching between directions at the same time as accelarating/braking... so that he would only rotate OR increase/decrease speed.

    My device is an ipad mini. But issue has not been consistent enough for me personally to warrant a report.

    Also try ensuring your device screen is clean :)

    Hope that helps!

    Splodge (NEXT LEVEL)
  • That only happens to me when my phone is charging, whenever it is connected to the charger, the controls do not respond well
  • @DonovanDuck that is a known issue for many devices in many apps. It has to do with how the devices handle all the processes they need to and how it changes when there is a direct source of energy like that. It also happens more when you use a bad quality cable or one that was not the original that came with your device.
    --- Barb

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  • Experienced that on my Galaxy Tab A many times...
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