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Interviews with n00b and Nino - Part 3


Q6: What would you tell new builders to help them start creating cool levels?

Nino: The Don't (s)

Long Elevator Rides
Avoid making really long elevator rides. That lead onto another elevator. And another.. Just don't. Most gamers don't have the patience to wait out the slow ride and they usually downvote those levels. Take under consideration that the average player wants to play as many levels as possible without getting stuck in a level for a huge amount of time. Instead of elevators use a portal. Its a much clever and faster way to get transported from one place to another. But if you want to use the elevators do it in a smart (short-ish) and effective way. Or perhaps with a totally different use. Like a moving door or to push/crush objects.

Insane amount of Dirt Digging
No! just no! Having to dig through a mountain of dirt, while it may sounds fun, it actually isn't. It's slow and boring. Nothing wrong with little dirt digging but don't exaggerate.
Especially on the motorcycle. The jeep is a four wheeler so it can dig its way. The motorcycle cannot dig very well as it is a rear wheel vehicle.
And most of the times you get stuck, so you hit the restart button followed by a downvote. Sometimes it's a double insta-downvote. Try to avoid that.
Would be a real shame if you made a great level to be ruined/unliked for said portion of the game.

Really loooooong levels
Personally i'm a fan of long levels. I've made a couple of them myself with great results. However i follow a couple of rules when creating them.
1) They have to be visually stunning. Try to create an unique and attention absorbing environment. So it won't feel like it takes forever to finish when you're driving.
2) Choose either between solving puzzle(s) or a smooth ride. Or maybe a combo. Devote some extra time on your mechanics and make sure they work properly.
3) Minimize the dangers. Or at least make them appear dangerous but you aren't in immediate danger at all. There's nothing more discouraging than having to drive through a very long level and die near the end.
The end result will be that your level will have a high amount of dislikes. Trust me I've made that creative mistake and learned my lesson lol.

Elevators in Racing Mode
Elevators? Again? yes. Especially the automatic kind. When you race it comes down to skills (and often vehicle power). When you gain advantage during the race only to lose it coz you're waiting on an elevator, sucks! The other racers catch up to you and you sort of start again.
It's a mood killer.

Steps and bumps
A couple of them here and there are actually fun. But there is nothing fun having to climb a whole mountain of them.

Flat Racing "drag" levels
Not fun and not creative at all. All you have to do is have a higher CC bike/jeep than other players and you've won. But your level will be downvoted coz lets face it, it takes 0% skills to make a straight line level. It's something we have discussed at the Big Bang Racing forums. Oh, did i tell you about the forums? You should def. come and check it out, exchange ideas and opinions with other gamers, with the Traplight devs and staff who are more than welcome to help and assist you. But back to our subject. Yeah, avoid making flat levels. Sometimes really great gamers with lesser CC vehicles make really great runs on certain proper-made levels. But on a flat surface it's very unfair for them. Even with boosters blasting at full. Keep that in mind, since you're sharing your level with the whole world and waiting for upvotes..

The Do (s)
A: First and foremost figure out what you wanna create. A fast racing level? A puzzle solving? Insanely difficult level? Making a choice early will make things easier instead of improvising.
B: Devote a bit more time to the visual aspect. Sometimes your driving path may not be the most inspirational one but you will still make up for it by creating a visually great looking environment. Or the other way. Devote extra time in perfecting your puzzling mechanics so that they work perfectly. You can have a subtle environment.
C: Test your levels to death. Run, re-run, edit, re-edit. Make sure they don't have any problems and your mechanics work. Try not to over-complicate the level and confuse the players. Also, give your levels some time. Don't be in a hurry to go live. Sometimes an idea may occur a few hours later and you may end up regret for not adding it.
D: Find a balance in making hard and easy levels. 1 out of every 5 levels i create is insanely difficult. Why? coz i love a challenge and so do others. However almost every difficult level gets downvoted. But sometimes that doesn't matter. Votes or downvotes, if you're satisfied creating them, then that should be enough.
E: When judging a level think about the amount of time that person dedicated to create a level. It's very easy to hit the downvote button.
F: Explore the potentials of every item in the editor. Try to come up with clever ways on how to use them.
G: Have fun! Play a lot of levels, get inspired and the creative part will come. But mostly have fun :D

Q7: What new tools do you think would help builders during the design process?

Nino: I've made a few propositions in the forums. Definitely worth checking out the forums as previously stated above.

Q8: Anything else that you would like to add?

Nino: Yes, i'd like to add that the following gamers are really great level creators. Just from the top of my head. Lorp Loggins, egg, n00b, projordy ....forgive me if forgot anyone.
And thanks to Traplight for providing us with this great game and the staff at the BBR forums.


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