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  • If you make a level live how do you change it and edit
  • @gerry209 , once you uploaded the level and it is live it can't be changed/edited.
    So alway make sure the level is as you want it to be before uploading.
    YO! fucknuts! It's Probing time.
  • @gerry209 As @Freakiebeakie said,you can't edit the level once you've uploaded it.But Traplight said they were going to add a feature to let you clear it from live and edit it.But this will be in the future,maybe one of this days...
  • Ok thanks @Freakiebeakie and @HomeroGaming930 for the feedback, gutted but will learn from the mistake!
  • When is the next building contest? I really enjoy the last one ;)
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