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Help With Elevator

I made a elevator (2 automatic elevators on the side of a electric block. When the elevators rise above the electric block they lift up the metal bar stationed on top of it, discharging it). Anyways, my elevator bar and the metal bar ends up either on the left or right side of the elevator, sometimes it disappears. When I moved my player and went on the elevator to test it, it worked. Can someone help?


  • Are you using gravity switches?
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  • Also, how do you delete a question?
  • Hi @TheFlatTire do you mean that when you play the level from the beginning sometimes the plank is gone and if you move the starting location of the vehicle near the location of the elevator, then you see it work fine?
    --- Barb

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  • Yes, do you know how to fix it?
  • What a glitch.
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  • I don't think it's a glitch, its more about the timing it takes for you to get from the start to the part in question and what happens in between. For example if there is a gravity switch a while before the testing area, when you place the starting point next to the testing area you can see the plank in the right place, but if you move the starting point to the beginning, then you go through the switch and the plank might be thrown away somewhere else (as it happens to any object that is influenced by gravity).

    This could be the reason why if you start from the beginning, things might seem off, but if you move the starting point close to the area in question it works.

    Do you think this would be the problem @TheFlatTire
    --- Barb

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