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    •Follow me in BBR, tag:@dqvdp(in game)•Let's play BBR!-play my levels & give me tips too•Advanced creator(1/3 to veteran)
  • Hi, I am called SIMRANJEET L. @c5ue0 :)
    I love to create tracks for players to enjoy. I also love to chat with and see what my friends come up with. There's always something new to look 4ward to in Big Bang Racing!! =) ;)
    BBR Follow:

    SIMRANJEET L. @c5ue0

    !!Create, Race and Mega Like!!
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    Hi guys I'm Jase in game name and yea my name...41 from the uk. Im in The movement.found this game early on and love it..just recently found my way of making tracks so I'm loving that too. I'm always racing and in tournaments and I tend to give likes alot so hope to see you and beat you haha...
  • Hi guys I’m SoccerPro;) I love creating levels and encouraging others to do so
  • BigbadDom here. Name comes from an English advert in the 80s and 90s! I'm not big and I'm not bad.
    Love this game as I enjoy making a variety if levels and enjoy the racing too.
    It is frustrating to get some awful levels sometimes but unavoidable as lots of my early efforts were awful. I will get around to deleringor editing them all one day! A lot of friendly players in this game and I hope everyone enjoys this game half as much as I do. My wife says I am obsessed with the game ...she is always right by the way :)
    My best advice in.maikmg levels is test and test again and try to test at different speeds if you can. Keep it smooth aand make it fun.
    This is the best game ever.
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