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There are 2 nationalities

There is a bug in which the player's nationality is wrong

In his account he says that he is from Brazil but when he builds the level, he says that he is from Argentina

Hay un bug en el que la nacionalidad del jugador está mal

En su cuenta dice que es de brazil pero cuando se construye el nivel, dice que es de argentina


  • Hi, there are a few reasons why this might be different.

    When users come online, the game chooses the flag according to the information that the network sends and chooses a flag for them. If you travel or connect from another location, this flag might change.

    However in this particular case, for whatever reason, the creator made a level while they had a flag and Published it, afterwards at some point (either by automatic change or by requesting a change from us) the flag was changed and is the current that was found in the profile.

    The levels save the information as it was when the level was published :)
    --- Barb

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