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Bad levels the on Path? Tell us!

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Hi everyone!

There has been couple of threads discussing the levels that you encounter on the path. It seems some of you encounter bad levels occasionally there, while some great gems stay hidden. We are constantly trying to improve our algorithms that sort out and offer the levels to you, but no system is perfect, so there might be some bad levels that slipped through the fences into the Adventure path or Racing level pool.

So we're asking for your help!

If you encounter a 'Bad Level' on the Adventure Path or in the Racing, it would be awesome if you could post the level URL (or the exact name of the level & creator) here on this thread! Our server guys will then take a look at the level, and check out what happened with the player votes and our algorithms. This way you can help us make the game a better experience for everyone :) THANK YOU!

(PLEASE ONLY POST LEVELS THAT YOU ENCOUNTER ON THE PATH OR IN RACING. Don't post 'Good or Bad' levels or levels that you found with Search or from your friend's profile!)

P.S. A few words about what is a 'Bad Level'. Bad level is something that the creator didn't put much effort into creating. It can be blocky, bumpy, slow, boring, unfinished or something else. However, if you personally cannot pass the level right away, or it feels too hard, it doesn't mean it's a bad level :) If the creator has put a lot of effort into the design of the level, it most likely isn't a 'Bad Level', or at least the kind of level that we are looking for here. We want to dig out the levels with little or no effort put into them, so that the levels from the excited creators get to shine! :)

NOTE! Please don't post your friends' levels as a joke or to annoy them, or talk badly about the creator of the level that you post here. This thread is strictly meant for improving the overall game experience for everyone, and the point is not to point fingers or to blame anyone. We all start somewhere with our creativity and building skills, and we want to be encouraging instead of being rude, unkind and blaming here :)

Thank you again for helping us and following the guidelines mentioned above!


  • 'Very easy' by 'ArahflohHD29 '

    'Fooooooz' by 'Faisal'

    I've just played these on the path.
  • GooGoo
    edited January 27
    'Mats rowan' by 'Mats'
    poorly placed items.

    'The big hill' by 'Shayaan'

    Am I being too fussy?
  • My worst is a racing one. And most of mine have more dislikes than likes, which is why I don't see mine, and I get happy when I do see one. I have yet to get a race I made.
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  • @wempu I absolutely love that you are doing this! With as many levels as I have played I usually get 4 out of 5 on the map with little to no effort.
  • There are so many bad lvls that sneaked trough and made the line that it is to much to mention here. Today i found one, mentioned it in a other topic not aware this topic even excisted. and one thing i dont understand, some have huge amount of likes o_O. I really dont get it.
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  • Someone in our team came with the idea to use the report button to report bad lvls. Let us know if thats a good idea and then we will do it like that. Reporting every lvl here is too much work that people will never do. We want to play a game and reporting all those levels here on the forum feels like work :)
    YO! fucknuts! It's Probing time.
  • That sounds great! We have encouraged some players before to use the Report button like that. Please do! it's a great way to remove flat levels and things that we have no idea how got they so popular.
    --- Barb

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  • I well tell my teammates :) finally a way to get rid of those lvls.
    YO! fucknuts! It's Probing time.
  • And what if someone report a good level? What'll happen?
  • No more cookies for them! ;) , i gues the tracks that are reported will be randomly checked or something?. People will abuse it if there are no consequences
    YO! fucknuts! It's Probing time.
  • Basically, when someone reports a level, our server programmers get a notification of that level needing to be checked. If we receive multiple reports on the same level, then it goes to the top of our list, for us to check. We try to prioritize what we think might be harmful to what is "just" annoying. We will eventually check them all, and if we find nothing wrong, then we just move on to the next one. We are well aware that if someone is frustrated at dying a lot or something, they will probably just Dislike, or even report a level. It happens, so we don't penalize for it.
    --- Barb

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  • Very good system @Barb
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  • @Barb ,and what's the system to make levels join adventure? I think it's by liking,but do you have a list of most liked levels,and do the same as you do with "Reported levels"? Because sometimes I see SHIT levels in adventure,and this makes me don't think you "feature" the levels.You must have a list for adventure levels where you can do the same:only feature levels that deserve to be in adventure.

    PS:I uploaded a super-loop track called "A Place To Loop" I play with computer so I can't leave the level link.
  • Well, the featuring system is very complex and has system upon system. I don't know all the exact details, but it goes something like this:

    When a level is published, it gets into the Queue of "new" levels. Those are the levels that will be shown on the Gem levels in the sky, (AKA "Good or Bad" levels). The queue will normally give the new levels to testers in about 2 days, depending on how long the queue is, how often levels are being published (currently we get a new level every 15 seconds), and how many players are playing the Gem levels.

    Once the level is next in the queue, the level enters the second system. The Testing system will try to select representative players to test something in particular; like the CC's requirement for playing and finishing a level (this dictates the CC range), how many tries it takes (this checks for difficulty) and finally Likes vs Dislikes. For the CC range, it will gradually send the level to slightly higher and slightly lower CC range players until it finds the spot where players are unable to finish. Actually most levels get the whole range open for all players.

    The next system will determine if a level is good or bad. There are a few conditions that will set a level as "Not apt for the path". For example if the creators spent next to no time on the creation of the level (trying to iron out the flat levels), or if the level got tons of dislikes (people just don't like it).

    The normal thing that will happen is that the level will be marked as "Public", this means that it got enough likes to go into the general level population. This is where the vast majority of levels are kept.

    Lastly, our Featuring system is the one that actually looks for the best levels (hopefully, and in most cases, it does work properly). From the 6+ million levels published, our priority is to show the most liked and the most relevant. So we look for the newest levels coming fresh out of the "Good or Bad" and check which of them are public. From the thousands that just came out, we look for the one that got the highest percentage of Likes vs Dislikes. Because there are just so many levels, basically they all compete against each other for the spot.

    Once selected, they go on the list of levels for the path to be awarded to players. So when players open their latest chest on the path, the game sends them the next 5 levels on the list.

    Sometimes players see levels that have a high Dislike percentage on the path. This usually means that the level did very well coming out of the Good or Bad levels, but after being shown to the Adventurers, they didn't like it much and started Disliking it. It is then removed from the list and the next level with the higher percentage of Likes is chosen to be put on the list instead. However since the level had already been loaded in the pack of 5 levels, a certain amount of players already have it and need to play it before they get the next top levels. That is why they see that it has a lot of Dislikes.

    Basically we teach the game how to do this, because it adapts all the time to what is coming at it :) It would be impossible for us to go level by level selecting them by hand. That is why the Likes and Dislikes are so important for us, players help us curate the levels :)
    --- Barb

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  • At the moment the algorithm that checks level quality is very strict: if it finds two relevant levels with just 0.01% difference in their like<->dislike ratio, it always chooses the better one for player to play. This is why you see cases where really good levels might only get 50 likes, while one equally good level gets 100000 likes, only because it had a couple of fewer dislikes at a critical point.

    We are currently balancing the system so that it gives more room for that selection process, in other words: not always select the absolute best level for you to play. This means that instead of seeing one level with 100000 likes and four equally good levels with 50 likes, you will see five good levels with 20000 likes.

    For those who feel their levels were rated with injustice, please note that we are planning to add a feature that allows creators to take their levels back to the editing table, and republish them as new.
  • @Seppo Thanks for the explaining,can you add this feature in the spring update? My "A Place To Loop" is very disliked,4k likes and 700 dislikes,I think dislikes are by a bug at the start(or the level length,it takes 2:36 with a 700cc dirtbike)
  • @Seppo Thanks for the explaining,can you add this feature in the spring update? My "A Place To Loop" is very disliked,4k likes and 700 dislikes,I think dislikes are by a bug at the start(or the level length,it takes 2:36 with a 700cc dirtbike)

    I don't want to promise an exact date, but this is among the level creator features that we've roadmapped to implement during this spring.
  • 'Simple ' by '3jooz'

    the first barrel keep bouncing so the car arrived faster and hit the wall it's impossible to clear this level
  • Works fine for me @chenz
  • Bruce said:

    Works fine for me @chenz

    can you share the video? i want to know how to pass the lvl because it's keep bouncing in my game. my current cc is 550cc
  • So I reported a level in game called Epic Race.!! By Luis H but i saw that it has over 6k likes. So I reported it because it starts off gettin pushed by a fan through an electric arc but no matter what I did I would hit the electric wall whether i didn't touch the controls or if I spun back or forth. This isn't the first time it's happened to me on a level where you have no control over the start due to fans. I'm wondering if it has something to do with the cc of my vehicle or maybe the weight? But it seems like other players didn't have problems with the beginning of the level but I died every time.
  • chenz said:

    'Simple ' by '3jooz'

    the first barrel keep bouncing so the car arrived faster and hit the wall it's impossible to clear this level

    True, i found this level last night and I had to skip it (First time I skip a level on the path)... It looks great but it doesn't work
  • edited May 17
    And, BTW: My level called "[AUTO] Pinball" was bugged at first but still possible after few retries, now something changed and it's completely impossible. I'm still recieving votes on it so I imagine it's still on the path, could you guys remove it from there? I wouldn't like people to find another impossible level :D
  • Alright we have removed it now. Yes I tried it and it didn't work :(
    But the level was awesome anyways. Last year i was working on a game design class with a team making a pinball game that was all kinds of weird and I remember making the 3d stuff for it, it was fun :)
    --- Barb

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  • chenz said:

    Bruce said:

    Works fine for me @chenz

    can you share the video? i want to know how to pass the lvl because it's keep bouncing in my game. my current cc is 550cc
    If somebody can show me how to do this, I'll gladly do it.
  • @chenz @DeJota_CDI for the 3jooz level you have to accelerate and tilt back until 2nd crushers then reverse & tilt forward to roll on treadmills to get space between you and the barrel. The third barrel still bounces and hits roof instead of dirt most of the time though : (

    @Miss_Yotsuba was having difficulties with it too.
  • Well it's actually not a bad level. But there is a problem.
    'Run!' By Tacopanza
    Found two metal planks on the road. First on is smashed by boulder. But the second one is in my path. Obviously That manual elevator is pressed but the boulder is stuck somewhere. Is it a bug?
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