Do You Have The Skills To Beat My Level?

At the time of posting only me and one other person, Tetru, has completed this level... Many have tried and many have failed. Some people only last 10 seconds before giving up....
Have you got what it takes to complete it? If you think you have, then show me...


  • It not only skills but also cc that counts with some hard lvls
    YO! fucknuts! It's Probing time.
  • This level was designed with all ccs in mind. Learning how to jump and where depending on the cc you're using... Don't forget that I built the level and tested it with the stock testing vehicle and not the car I use to race. They are very different.
    After the day of building and testing the level with the stock test car I found it almost impossible to beat when it went live due to the handling and speed difference of my race car. It took me hours to re-learn the track and stop my muscle memory pressing buttons at the wrong time.
    And yes while a lower cc might make this lvl easier you will still need skill to beat it.
  • Can't find that level... pityful. Would love to beat it. You ain't as good as you think you are. Every track you upload is beatable. It couldn't be uploaded if not. ;)
    Talking about "impossible tracks"... your buddy El Chapo was crying about this track in our team:
    Pretending it was impossible to solve it. He seem to had it in the path and was yelling about how unfair it was to force him to skip that track. =)

    I don't know... just played it and done it on first try. Don't know what may be hard about this track.

    All tracks of you I played I solved. But as mentioned before... most tracks need specific cc to be solved. One of yours with that nearly vertical concretes I wasn't able to make in any way. So yeah. I gave up. Then I made my 11 upgrades. 5 on grip. Then voilà! I was able to climb your vertical walls pretty easy.

    So please stop behaving like you were the godess of unbeatable tracks. You just might have a higher cc than others... and that makes it impossible for many players to keep up with you. Did you solve my hard track I offered you in another post, yet?

    'MTC November 2016' by 'Hauzuwienix'

    Not many solved that one, yet. Gets trickier the higher your cc is. Give it a try. ;)
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