1) stop drawing a line that links the 3 map pieces to the finish, the finish the 3 map pieces and your vehicle can all be moved, try it?
2)stop driving players too their death by not using signs to give us half a chance to see the dangers, re starting a level cos you're an ass hat is no fun ,fantastic if the levels are really hard but don't let us blindly drive into danger.
3) I do understand that this game is meant for all ages which is why you could expect some underwhelming levels but it looks like people are letting their pets have a go at the level maker.
4) I do go on a bit. ;-)


  • Its up to us to thumb them down, i do good or bad a lot to destroymthose levels with 2 thumbs down
    YO! fucknuts! It's Probing time.
  • Earth ,mecca and ice number 206 on the adventure line .... i really dont understand how crap lvls like that make it to the line
    YO! fucknuts! It's Probing time.
  • HI freakebeake ,I know what you mean some are terrible, not sure if you know but the developers have asked for feedback on specific bad levels ,you can let them know about them in feedback, I keep forgetting to remember the names of bad levels.
  • How about the racing builds that leave a little line of Moon Dust about head high and "Whaaam" your "Clothes Lined". Players need to keep a closer eye to detail before they go public!!
  • Lol @Schmittie , you're right a good race is from a to b in the quickest time,not race to an automatic lift wait for all to catch up and then 6 inch dash to the finish lol ;-)
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    @tml @Schmittie @Freakiebeakie @Barb @wempu @DeJota_CDI @comp

    Bad tracks goes on everybodies nerves. No argumentation on that. But, as hard as it is to blame traplight on this... I can't remember a decent tutorial on using the editor for the first time. There should be a short 1 or 2 minute video gathering the most important hints on building tracks.

    - How to use brushes (paint/erase)
    - How to use zoom
    - How to place, turn, expand or activate objects
    - How to move or place maps and the goal
    - What is the important difference between racing and adventure?
    - Where to place decorations and (most important) signs

    As a matter of fact, we all played tracks not even brushes where used. We played maps where people seem not to know that objects can be turned around. True... away from the difference of age, there are creative heads among us, and some of them are not, but some of the tracks I've seen on the path... halleluja... there has to be a radical brain damage to stick such tracks together. Or it was made by really young and tiny kids... who knows.

    Fact is, the creative ones of us are having a way higher expectation on how a good track gotta look like. Up to some point we have to accept that there are people not as talented as we are. But no, we don't have to accept all kinda crap being uploaded. Because really bad to drive tracks are annoying everybody, it doesn't matter how good they are.

    So please, just report tracks that really sucks bad, or write the names down and report on feedback.

    Keep up the good work guys. BBR and traplight needs us. ;)

    "Does believing you're the last sane man on the planet make you crazy?"
    - Will Smith, iRobot
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