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New Materials!

edited February 11 in Feedback
I think it's necessary. I miss materials when I create levels. I like doing drawings with materials to decorate levels, and I need more colours. It will make levels even funnier. I'll give you some ideas:

Grass: Decreases speed, Increases grip. Round pencil.
Rock: Same as earth. Square pencil.
Magma: A different way to horribly die (And a better skin than electricity). Round pencil.
Snow: (Should stay out of winter event) Same as mud but sliding like ice. Round Pencil.
Water: (I think it would be really difficult to do) Liquid movement. Decreases speed and removes gravity. You can dive into it. Needs a recipe made of another material and acquires properties depending on it (Kills if it stays on electricity, turns into ice after few seconds if recipe ir made of ice, turns into gas if it's magma). Round pencil.
Wood: Increases grip. Square pencil.
Sand: Increases grip, decreases speed, can be removable like mud. Round pencil.
Rubber: Increases grip and speed. Bounces a little if you hit it hard.

Another idea: We should be able to apply another layer over the side skin of materials, like Path, asphalt, rails, rack...

If you consider it a good idea, I could Illustrate the skins (Just need a UV Map).
Thanks ;)!


  • I can tell you're very interested in aesthetics and that's huge part of what you enjoy in the entire creation process.. Tbo I never have really thought much about the ideas of, at the very least, having more aesthetic tools but I love the idea! :)

    Those are some great ideas for materials and I like your ideas for material behaviors too. I don't think these things should be overlooked in the future! And until your post, I never really considered how fun the idea of something as simple as variations of materials/skins alone (without the behaviors) would be! It would certainly give each track more flavor - a more constant fresh feel :)
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  • To be more realistic if water touches dirt it should turn it into mud and wood is ougth to burn if it comes in contact with magma. But still great ideas.
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