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Beta tournament

I couldn't find a feed on this so started one, wow to all you devs,simply awesome idea and I for one love it and look forward to its progress, putting everyone on an even playing field gets to the real level of a players racing ability the 300cc leveler is so cool but you could do higher and lower ccs races as it progress,I would also think the races shouldn't be to frequent but at different times to catch everyone, I'm not sure how long the run time is ? I had 3hr left when I played and think a 4hr window to play is more than enough, anyway once again I love this addition and the game as whole keep up the awesome work you guys ;-)


  • If you ran it once a day for about 4hr cos there was a lot of lag towards the end of session ,and do each day on a time rotation, day 1 6am day 2 10am etc,that way you would pick up all players in there time zones while keeping the number of players down to make it workable, as I already said it's a fantastic addition to the game and I can't wait to play again; -)
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    It was a good idea badly implemented... This was not a test of driver skill but merely lets give the biggest prizes to the people who are awake. I got beat by some awful drivers because they got to try for hours and I got less than 10 minutes. How is that fair?
    Imagine if you're an Olympian runner and one morning you wake up and someone says hey there's a 5 mile race today and you will win 10 million dollars for winning.
    So you set off running only to find that you have 2 minutes before the time runs out and that some fat bloke has won the money because he set off walking 4 hours ago.
    Do you not see how unfair that is?
    You are rewarding unskilled drivers just based on the convenience of the timezone they are in...
    This game is played by people from all over the world but as far as the devs are concerned they do not care about any of the other countries other than theirs.
    While most of the world were sleeping they gave all the good prizes to people who didn't deserve them just because they were awake, not because of skill or determination. Not even because of a lucky bounce that gave a boost. No, just because they happened to be awake...
    That is completely unfair...
    And to give out a unique item...... Well you know what you can do with that...
  • Ok maybe giving out a unique prize was not fair because not everyone had a fair chance of going after it BUT this was a beta test to see in principle if the tournament would work and not kill the game,but having done the test the devs have uncovered some elements that haven't worked including the issue of time zones and how to include all players, I've offered some ideas around this that might work or might not work (I'm not a dev) but I'm sure they have an issue with too many players in one long session, so many shorter ones could be the way to go?
  • It's easy to solve... Just give every one their own 4 hours. Everyone already has a unique inbuilt clock in their individual game, it's what controls the time on the chests. So why not use that clock to give them a timer on a tournament? I understand that people who play it later will be in with a better chance because they will see better ghosts. But, let's be real here, if you can not go as fast as you possibly can in 4 hours then you really don't deserve a prize...
  • What @tml said is true. This was a beta testing to see how it would work in real life conditions. Our testers can only recreate situations to a degree, so we wanted to see that all the systems in place would work correctly, and we think the test was very successful in determining a lot of things, from the size of the rooms, to how friends get placed in rooms with other friends, to even see the evolution of gameplay by players.

    The time we used was what worked for us for our testing purposes, so we could all be at the office ready in case something broke horribly. There will be a lot of changes and tweaks both visible and behind the scenes, but we think its very exiting time for BBR.

    So don't worry about timezones, when we launch this feature, we will properly design the time structure taking in consideration tons of factors.

    It was super exiting here at the office, and we hope you will have a blast once it's fully operational.
    --- Barb

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  • This tournament was AWESOME!!! =)

    Arguing about "unfairness" about a beta test is not worth to be mentioned. What they've should done else instead of just throw it into the game? Ask everybody about the most appropriate time they will be able to be online? O.o

    But hey, that's how life goes... it doesn't matter how good anything is, there always will be at least a hand full of people being unsatisfied for no reason. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Great great new feature, trapsies! <3

    Hope you guys are happy that it worked so well. There where a few connection problems due to server overuse, but it ran pretty good for me on my old tablet. What should I say? Made my way to the top. Rank 1, then was kicked back to rank 4, out of time to fight back because of my work. But the whole idea is just fantastic.

    Even watching the rankings was totally satisfying. Watching teammates climbing up the ranks was really cool.

    If you are able to find a good solution due to time zone problems, this feature will push your game on a new level! Can't wait for the next competition. B) Bring it on!

    "Does believing you're the last sane man on the planet make you crazy?"
    - Will Smith, iRobot
  • :o A vision hit me few seconds ago... how awesome might it be, if somewhere in the future every team would be able to make internal tournaments? This could be huuuuuuge! Imagine us trackbuilders making trackbuilding contests and the winners map is going to be the tournament race track! Damn! My thumbs are getting itchy already! =)
    "Does believing you're the last sane man on the planet make you crazy?"
    - Will Smith, iRobot
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    @Hauzuwienix @Barb
    I was not unsatisfied for no reason.
    It was unfair to give out a unique one off prize in a test...
    Why should I, and the 1000s of others miss the chance to win that because of the time of day?
    I've already posted my solution, and that is how it should be done and that's how it should be tested.
    And not have some huge grand prize in a test... A special item should be available to win by everyone not just a select few.
  • @Miss_Yotsuba We understand that you are frustrated because of the timing of the event. Like @Barb explained, the time was chosen so that we would all be at the office and able to fix things quickly if there were problems. However, the unique prize (the golden helmet) will be available for the actual tournaments as well! And then they will be designed so that everyone will have plenty of time to try their best in the competition! :) Don't worry, you will have a chance to win a cool, special prize as well when the feature is fully launched :) Thank you for understanding!
  • Thanks for moving this feed to where i meant to post it,and can't wait for tournament launch, don't suppose you want to tell me when that might be lol;-) on that topic when you do launch could you put it as 24h countdown like the prezies next to gb lvls?
  • @tml Yes, there will be a countdown for the tournaments when they are officially launched :) That way people will have time to prepare for it. We will also tell about the new tournaments in social media and here on the forums, so everyone should be well informed before the official Tournament feature is launched.
  • Ok so that was another great beta tournament guys but I have one overriding thought, in future races clearly there are some very talented racers who will no doubt find themselves on the top step in most tournaments ,and having already gained the golden hat will deny others the chance of claiming one. That being said you could still reward 1st with a bounty of goods but if they have previously gained the golden hat you could give it to the next fastest timed player who hasn't yet won one??
  • This time I couldn't find the button to te tournament... why?
  • @DeJota_CDI I was one of the last on our team to figure it out. Seems I had to manually update the game then it showed up
  • Yes we had an update but it isn't "forced" so you could have missed it.

    The thing is that when we "force" an update, a lot of people have troubles as the updates are not simultaneously released throughout the world. Some players might try to log in only to find a message saying that they need to update, they click on the link, they get to the shop, and there is no update in the shop. This is very confusing and feels so awkward so we usually do the update and then force it a day or two afterwards (when we actually need it to be forced)

    Forcing the updates is particularly helpful when we NEED to patch something an it will break the game for players that don't update. Like adding a fix, or a new feature that would otherwise have holes if not every player has it. And usually by the time we do force it, most players have already had the automated updates done by their devices, so that works better.
    --- Barb

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  • I'll keep it on mind for the next time :D
  • Ok so we're just gunna ignore my point about the hat?
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    tml said:

    Ok so we're just gunna ignore my point about the hat?

    It is a good suggestion, since we've seen that some people feel bad about winning when they already have the Golden Helmet, making them "hold back" in the competition. Of course, Tournaments are intended to be fierce competitions, but we don't want them to be counter-productive. We will add this feedback to our list of possible Tournament improvements.
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