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Game crashes

HI guys ,up until now all has been fine but when I click on the adds to forward the chest by 30 mins the game just crashes and asks if I want to report? Everything else works fine ,normally when I max out on adds the little icon disappears, but as it's there I press it and the game just shuts down, any ideas please help,if in the meen time it fixes itself I'll post to let you know.

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    @tml , Make sure that your Big Bang Racing account is connected with your google account on your profile before reinstalling. Uninstall apps taking too much space. But stay active in this discussion just to make sure.
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    Can you tell us how much Ram memory (not the normal memory) does your device have? Devices with low Ram will crash at some points and some have told us that loading ads might affect the low memory. The game is quite heavy so running it requires a minimum amount or ram.

    As for linking. Sure we can manually link other devices that you have to the same ID, given that you prove to us it is really you ;)

    (Sorry about the delay, silly me had an answer for you and forgot to click on POST COMMENT *facepalms*)
  • tmltml
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    Did the uninstall and things for now seem to have been resolved, didn't lose anything, sorry for the hassle I'm not very techy and panic everything's gunna break, anyway thanks for help and hopefully it won't go again, but if it does the reset will work again; -)back to racing
  • tmltml
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    Just wanted to clarify this issue has now been resolved, I think the support chat has tried contacting me but can't see it,please let all involved know that I am thankful for all your help and the problem is now sorted, thanks guys back to racing; -)
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    Don't worry, we got you covered :)


  • I don't know what can be a solution,but in my phone(my second account,main one is in my pc)sometimes when I enter everything goes black,it is an android device,but EVERYTHING goes black.My solution for this was close all opened apps(right button on android) and then join the game.It works every time the bug appears.If you play on ios I don't know if this can work,but for Android works always.
  • No I've cleaned the apps and even force stopped it to reset but the problem is still there,it's also become intermittent, I get 1or2 adds and then the game shuts down.
  • Make sure your battery is charged, restart your device or check if Big Bang Racing requires an update
  • Still no solution, if I uninstall the app and reinstall it would I lose anything and could I keep all I've earned? Also would I lose any levels that are under construction? I also wanted to use this ID on my tablet but just started a new one? Is it possible to use my unique @ID on other devices?
  • Thanks @Simranjeet9_ ,I'm gunna uninstall /reinstall later today if it hasn't got any better, does conecting to Google have the same affect as Facebook? Im leaving it connected to Google and making a note of ID,coins,gems ,etc etc. I'm also gunna post created lvls don't want to lose um.
  • Yeah I got 3gb ram which is plenty and for the most part it runs smooth, I have also got in contact on the support button and given all details in case I lose anything when I un/re install, just holding off on that before I absolutely have to?
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