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Collaborated levels

Traplight,in the future you can add the collaborated levels feature? It's just like Geometry Dash,you make a part of the level and send it to your collab partner,he completes the level with his part,uploads and the benefits go to both players(instead 2 coins per like,1 coin to a member and the other coin to the other member)
Tell me what do you think about that.


  • @HomeroGaming930 Thank you so much for this feedback. It is a great idea, and we have also considered it many times when designing new features for Big Bang Racing. We think that User Generated Content and collaboration go hand in hand, and we definitely want to explore the opportunities that this type of gameplay would give us in the future. We will take this feature into account when planning our upcoming games, and see if there is an easy way to implement it, and if it makes the gameplay more fun! For Big Bang Racing I can't promise anything, as we already have a huge list of updates that need our attention, but it is an interesting option also for BBR :) We'll see!
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