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  • Shout out to @DeJota_CDI for having the best/most artistic tournament track and for being the best host we've had! Only a hundred or so people beat you (including myself) compared to the thousands that beat the other hosts. Awesome job man! And ur explanation videos for the tournament tracks are always super helpful and get me in atleast top 10 for my room. Keep up the good work and I'm super jealous of your traplight package!
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    1000 Subscrubers! Thank you guys
  • New Tournament Tutorial :D
  • That mecha dragon helmet is awesome and I would love to see it in game
  • That is an awesome hat! I don't know why but it kinda reminds me of Overwatch's Pharah's skin called Anubis (doesn't look much like it, but reminds me :D)
    --- Barb

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  • And finally, these are the winners of the time travel MTC. Congratulations guys!
  • What's your channel name? I would like to subscribe.
  • That's mah boy Dej you badass ;)
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