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How to earn coins faster in big bang racing

Please reply me as fast as possible


  • Hi @ammu,the fastest way to earn coins is using roulette.When you play an adventure level,at the start(Before press start button)down in the center there is a roulette saying "Get super rewards,SPIN".You click it,watch the ad and in this try coins will multiplicate(or you can also get diamonds).If you complete the level in the same try as you spinned the roulette,before clicking "Continue" there will be a button saying "(The amount of coins you collected)collected,DOUBLE"? Click it,the coins you won in the level will also double.
  • And when you have coins build a awesome level tht generates coins. But i must say it gets harder and harder to generate coins with lvls
    YO! fucknuts! It's Probing time.
  • Yes, @Freakiebeakie is right. It's hard to earn money building levels but it's the best way. If you build good tracks people will like it, trust me. I have 1.400.000 coins right now with only 18 levels ;)
  • Yes but i bet all your 1.4 milion on it that he will never make that amount of money with tracks ;0
    YO! fucknuts! It's Probing time.
  • He can make it if he does good levels. @ammu I recommend you to play Trackbuilders members levels and get inspired about how to do a good level. You are also invited to join us if you proove that you can make a good one. Good luck!
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    Love your replys @DeJota_CDI

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