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Use Nitro in editor mode

edited April 2017 in Feedback
It is a required and very simple idea:the possibility to use the nitro during editor mode.Like normal levels,only one time per try. I request this feature because when I make a race,I'm not sure about how much propulsion get vehicles in specific areas when they use nitro,so if there's nitro in editor,I can edit parts where the vehicle can collapse in the race if it uses nitro in that part of the level.Tell me what do you think about it.


  • Hi. Well the problem with that is that some players run out of nitros and we don't want to force them to get them. That is why we don't have the nitro option inside the Editor, to make sure that everyone can finish the level regardless of if they have nitros or not.

    I understand what you mean, and know that you want to make the jumps and landings more accurate, but for example if being able to finish a level depended on if they can make it into the landing or not (remember that not everyone makes such good levels :)) then we might get a lot of players very angry because they couldn't finish the level at all.

    I think we do have some changes planned for the Editor, but so far they are on our list of things to do, but we have to focus on some other things to build first.

    Then there is also the issue that everyone's nitros have different power, because you can upgrade them. So even if we did have it on the Editor, everyone's power would be different anyways :S
    --- Barb

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