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  • DEAL!!
  • @Miss_Yotsuba , @adam ref: long planks

    Zoom out so when you select a plank it appears outside the dome, then drag one side of the plank inside trying to get it as long and as flat as you need it.
    Now when you're happy move the whole plank (by using the center circle of the plank ) and drag inside and place "do not touch the end of the plank or it will revert to small" if you want another the same size just copy the one you have as normal; -) hope this is clear enough cos I don't know how else to explain it lol,
    Good luck have fun ;-)
  • Keep up the good work guys, I know gdn is working his butt off to make sure u guys stay on top
  • Yeah, a lot of the team are doing really well. Looks like a brilliant battle.
  • Hey @Bruce Just checking on you. How are you doing?
  • @Bruce Springsteen of Guernsey we miss ya bud!!! I can't please everyone or I'd for real be in a straight jacket. Probably should be anyways. Omar is a different fella but if we take a step back and look at the situation some of us including me put him on rock star status for his countdown thing. He basically did a longer version of it but put us on panic mode. He didn't actually stay and cause us to lose 1st. I'm not happy about it but I can't make everyone happy, that'd be impossible.
  • edited May 2017
    @gdn You're missing the point. It's the wasted time, effort, and resources because of it. The real real cash used to try and push further. And it turns out it was all pointless. It's obviously going to seriously annoy some of us...
    What's the point of us all trying our hardest all season if people can just leave and make us lose? And that works the other way too.. Why should we try our hardest all season if one person will just join at the end at make us win?
  • Hey all. Firstly, I'm fine @Mike_the_Vike , thanks for asking :)
    @gdn I appreciate the reply and your thinking behind it, but @Miss_Yotsuba sums up my thoughts rather well. I spent money building up my kart and bike so I could do my bit for the team thinking that Omar was gone, and especially in light of what Tetru said (those that have jumped ship will never be allowed back), yet back he came, with most people treating him like a hero and nothing said about what he actually did.
    When I realised that I seemed to be the only one annoyed about what happened, I thought it best to leave rather than create an atmosphere on the team. I know now that there are others that are equally as annoyed as me (no names, though they are welcome to speak up if they wish) but they obviously thought it best to stay and carry on.
    I also left because I felt let down.
    Maybe this all looks pathetic - it's only a game after all (you said this yourself gdn) but I knew I wouldn't enjoy it in the team whilst I felt the way I did, so I left.

    I'll be back next season, probably, if I'll be taken back - I just hope we can sort things like this out so that we don't get stuff like this happening again.
  • @Bruce, I am certain you will always have a spot on BBR. Honestly, I wouldn't want to remain on the team if you weren't welcome back. Take the time you need. We are here if you need us! Take care, buddy!
  • @splodge hope you read this bud ,we want you home it's way past your bedtime, we see you in some strangers gaff and it don't look like you're having fun? Things have settled down at home and mum and dad have promised not to argue any more? ;-) hope you will consider coming home soon you are greatly missed.
  • Hahaha thanks @tml that made me laugh ;) i sent an essay to gdn explaining everything, i need a bit of a break, game was occupying way too many hours of my life trying to punch through the 10k trophy mark. I'm okay, just also got a lot of real life stuff going on. When i'm ready to be active and chatty i'll come back, don't know when that will be. Started a new account to rediscover my love for the game, using splodge acc to farm gems
  • Ah crap it cut off half my message again -_-.. took too long to type it i guess haha. But the basics are there, gdn knows the full story :)
  • Ok bud ,thanks for response, have fun be good ,see ya when ya ready; -)
  • @tml - who is that aimed at?
  • I can take the hit, I don't care.
    @tml , I tried to talk you into becoming a team player again, but you were quite stubborn in your egoistic choice. Please be positive for a change, you were hurting the team.
  • edited June 2017
    @tml I'm giving you a warning for your tone and behaviour. Please refer to our Community Rules and act accordingly: It is ok to disagree on things, but it is not ok to call anyone names. Please everyone, keep it civil and nice :) Cheers!

    Edit: Abusive comment deleted from the thread.
  • @wempu Why was Miss Yotsuba kicked from our team?
  • Hi @AdamUnoun Miss Yotsuba broke the Community Rules again after given a warning for her behaviour earlier. For this reason she was flagged in the game, and banned from the Forum. Please read the response that @Barb wrote here on the Forum explaining the situation in more detail. Also please read the Community Rules if you haven't already. Thanks.
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