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Hi there, I have a lot of suggestions for this game, so I decided to write this megapost with some ideas I consider necessary to make Big Bang Racing even better.

I know it's needed to keep the level editor clear and easy, so I propose to do an Expert Mode Button (unlockable for players with more than 1000 followers) in which we could find the next features:


- More materials

·Grass: Decreases speed, Increases grip.
·Rock: Same as earth.
·Magma: A different way to horribly die (And a better skin than electricity).
·Snow: (Should stay out of winter event) Same as mud but sliding like ice.
·Water: (I think it would be really difficult to do) Liquid movement. Decreases
speed and removes gravity. You can dive into it. Needs a recipe made of another material and acquires properties depending on it (Kills if it stays on electricity, turns into ice after few seconds if recipe ir made of ice,
turns into gas if it's magma).
·Wood: Increases grip.
·Sand: Increases grip, decreases speed, can be removable like mud.
·Rubber: Increases grip and speed. Bounces a little if you hit it hard.

- Brush Shape

Creator could select the brush shape for any material. It would also be more brushes.

- Material Skins

There would be more skins (and colors) for every material, without affecting their properties.

- Background Materials

It would be possible to draw with any material in the back. It would be untouchable but really usefull for decorations.

- Angle Magnet and Movement Magnet (On/Off)

Activating the angle magnet would allow you to rotate items every 5 degrees. Movement magnet would
move objects on the grid (considering the square brush is 3x3 grid units).

- CC Switcher

Creators could test their level with their own vehicle, as well as a non upgraded vehicle and a full upgraded one. (VERY IMPORTANT!)

- Screenshot Button

Take a screenshot of the area you want to show on the miniature


And this INSANE update would open a whole new bunch of millions of posibilities to create an amazing
level (also inside the expert editor mode):

1 - Create Shapes

With the shape editor tab open, use any material and brush to draw a shape you need (the material
would look thinner than the other materials). The shape has to
be drawn with a single material and mustn't touch the ground or the borders of the dome. It would have
some dimensions restrictions too. Then, tap and hold the shape to save it on your library (you can use it
in any other level, paying a price, I guess).

2 - Shape Properties

Now, in the Shape Editor tab, you can change the properties of your shape:
·Fixed or Mobile?
·Affected by gravity? Yes/No
·Opacity: 10% -> 100%
·Allow Collisions? Yes/No
·Magnetism: Strength? (0% - 100%)/ Radius? (1 - 30 grid units) This will make your shape attract
your vehicle and any other mobile item (or shape).
·Material: Switch the material it's made of
·Skin: Change the skin of its material

3 - Constraints

·Weld: Welds 2 shapes together, no need to be touching each other (they will act like a single

·Rope: The shape will be linked to any other by a rope.
·Pushpin: It will make 2 shapes be linked with an axial movement between them (2 shapes linked
by a pushpin won't collide each other).

·Pull/Push: When shapes are one inside another (no colliding), it makes the front side of it to be
in front of the others or beside them (like layers on photoshop).

·Movement Range: Set a range that the shape will follow (Like an elevator) You can change its
parameters: Automatic or manual (Activates when touched by your vehicle), speed, one way or patrol, fixed or axial joint... etc.

·Wheel: The selected shape will spin (with its own force) around the selected axis. You can
change its parameters: Speed, direction, bi-lateral force...

Combining all these features, creating could be much more interesting. I'll keep this thread updated with new ideas. It would be great to see any one of these ideas in the future.


  • Holy crap dude, do you want them to build a new game :0 THESE CHANGES ARE HUGE.
    I think things like that are nice for bbr2
    YO! fucknuts! It's Probing time.
  • Yes it's interesting that some of these ideas keep coming back ever since the Global Launch (Like the CC Slider). They all nurture a need that we have in the game and often also collide with other features. It was funny that one of our designers saw these and said most of them were in another game concept that has worked on before BBR.

    Some feature ideas that we have had seem great, but when you start working out the details, either things get super complex (interfering with other features), or they don't work at all. I know that tons of features were in the game before the launch and they were taken out because they actually made the game less fun or it was just plain bad and created a lot of problems.

    Some of these are new to me and I think they are pretty good, but just as @Freakiebeakie mentioned, these are basically a whole new game. Its nice to design and think about features, but sometimes we forget to plan how they could affect players, other objects, systems, and even updates. There are also tons of features and new materials and things we would love to add, but that would also increase our app size (which is limited by Apple and Google) and also would affect performance. Since the game is already quite heavy because of the physics engine, we really need to be careful with the things we add so they don't tax the devices too much.

    I loved the Shape Editor the most, I can imagine all kinds of interactive tracks :D
    --- Barb

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    I understand most of these ideas (or maybe no one of them) can me implemented in game, but i'd love to see it. These are just few ideas i had in case you haven't think on it.

    PS: What about a PS4/Xbox One Big Bang Racing version with more improvements? It would literally be the gravedigger of games like Little Big Planet :D
  • CC switcher is the most important thing here☺
  • :X

    Can't say anything yet...
    --- Barb

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  • I think at least some of the materials and theres a good chance for that to happen with the different ccs, but, although the magnets and moving parts are nobel idea it's less likely for them to be added wich would be a shame becase I know it would allow to create even more fun and insane levels.
  • The background material sounds nice
  • I've also got some suggestions for editing.

    ● Fill: it would give you the option to fill a space with a material not having to waste time to manually paint it, something that if not done carefully can ruin loops.

    ● Tall rubber: it would erase all of rhe material you've chosen troughout the entire heigth of the map allowing you to draw straight stractures much quicker.
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    Woah, @DeJota_CDI ! That's a lot! Oh yeah, I had the same idea in my head as you (when it comes to the water), but I didn't post the idea yet, and you beat me to it in a "friendly race". :p
    Eat My Dust, packid851
    Yes, that is my Big Bang Racing username
  • It would be nice to have a boat in the futur tu drive over the Water with :anguished:
  • Some gadget
  • Maybe another upgrade section: Water
    Eat My Dust, packid851
    Yes, that is my Big Bang Racing username
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