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CC - Unexpected possibilities Ôô

Hello my dear Ladies and Gentlenerds,

I will now come up with a topic that has been discussed a lot between traplight and us players... the CC-power of vehicles and it's side effects... either good or bad...

I played 'Noobs Will Downvote ' by 'Miss_Yotsuba ' just to give her weird "My levels are so hard, nobody can solve them, but me!"-attitude a little legswipe.
But... no chance. 25 tries... not a single chance to get up this damn wall! Then I saw that I got 11 upgrades left. 6 of them where pushing my grip. Handling and boost where raised a bit. Voilà! Now I can drive up nearly vertical walls as if it was the easiest thing to do.
After 5 more tries I finished that track with all 3 map pieces.

As some of yet begged for a fixed cc firxadventure maps, I just say what I think about that: As you make tournaments with fixed cc, you shall be players ride others adventures with the makers cc and upgrades. Isn't it possible to save the builders cc on track data? So if somebody done a track with 600cc, and I got only 250cc... either there is no chance for me to get this track in my line of sight, because some filter may say "You ain't worth it." ... or if I get across this one, I will be unable to solve it, cause I will fail at most jumps, being too slow.

So... one way or another... it will be bad for everybody. Newbies will suffer from playing only newbie tracks, missing the good stuff, because they are too tiny. Maybe they start BBR, playing some crappy newbie tracks and leave the game behind, thinking that's all BBR has to offer. Bad imagination, huh?

Inside our team we fail on each others tracks, because of the big CC differences.

At least, there should be a mark at the loading screen, showing the builders current CC at the moment of upload to inform the player if he got enough power to get it done. I don't know how big the differences are on 50cc vary...

By the way... I still don't know what's the editor CC could be... is it my current CC? I experienced bug differences during editorial driving and directly after the upload. I overjumped most parts right after upload.

May more data will satisfy the users. Or let them drive the builders parameters on their vehicle to get 100% of the same experience the builder had. See, you invest time into a track, making it go smooth, fast and spectacular... then you upload and get downvotes by people that ain't got your CC. Experiencing that fine track as bumpy or too slow...or too fast, loops too big or too short...

Builders getting downvotes, bad feedback, but the error lies in the CC problem, not at the builders skills.

I was shocked to be able to climb walls after that few upgrades. Was about to consider myself a noob and downvote her track. But as ever... it wasn't my fault, but the CC's!!! :/ Mine is 554 for the bike now.


P.S.: For those who gonna cry about that much text... just save your time and don't read it. xD
"Does believing you're the last sane man on the planet make you crazy?"
- Will Smith, iRobot


  • Right, hauzu. Even though the Feedback cathegory is full of cool stuff we would like, a CC solution is absolutely necessary.
    @Traplight , it's the most extended topic on all builders conversation ;)
  • Dude i am saying this for months now, cc difference is a huge problem. And indeed some (hard) levels are only hard for the cc that the builder used to build the track. For people with higher cc (grip,speed,handling,spinpower) those tracks can be a laugh. I can take one of my own tracks as example, rock crawler was made to be a freaking hard level, and for me it was really hard at that time because i was low on grip and such, 2 days after release i played it again and noticed other players were flying over those %@!^& rocks like they arent even there. Another track i made "coin generator' a track with loads of loops (doable for most cc) i wanted to end with a sppectacular jump to the finish. Downvoted beyond believe because people overjump the goal ( even i did after uploading) it is super frustrating to get downvoted that hard when you worked for 7 or 8 hours on a track to make it smooth and make all jumps perfect and im building for fun not for likes. Cant imagen how frustrating it is for people who think likes are important
    YO! fucknuts! It's Probing time.
  • edited April 2017
    Hi guys! The last couple of months our development team has been focused with implementation of Tournaments, but now that the Tournaments are live, you can expect us to concentrate on improving other aspects of the game as well.

    For level creation side of the game, the three hottest topics on our table are:

    1) Provide a possibility to create a level with fixed CC
    2) Distribute high-liked levels more evenly
    3) Ability to edit & delete a published level

    By addressing these three issues, I believe we will see great things on level creation!
  • @Seppo You said you were going to add the ability to edit and delete a published level in this update...I'm not impatient for this feature,but it must be in the next update.And an hour ago,I started a post talking about the second hottest topic.
  • @Seppo It's my birthday today. Reading that an edit function may come is my biggest birthday present so far. Some auto levels aren't working anymore due to updates or other weird circumstances. Finally I will be able to fix them. <3 =)

    Fixed cc while track building would be cool as well. ;)

    Have a nice weekend, nerdies.

    "Does believing you're the last sane man on the planet make you crazy?"
    - Will Smith, iRobot
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