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Why no tests or ratings?

I created a level over 24 hours ago and nobody had run it. That's a first for me. Is there a glitch were it's not being offered?

'Roanoke River' by 'Elliot'


  • Wow, even when I click on your link to play it I only get sent to my profile. What's going on? I'll search it.
  • Ok, just gave you a couple likes. Somebody will figure out a way to break that level though.
  • probbly to much lvls made so the system can not handle it
    YO! fucknuts! It's Probing time.
  • Actually our usual "time to test" is about 2 days, depending how many levels we get and how many levels players are playing. All published levels go to the queue and wait for their turn, the common is to get into the test group in about two days, but sometimes it goes faster. This is completely normal, so don't worry, the system works fine. It might speed up if fewer levels are published and/or if more players are Testing them.

    Last we checked we were getting one published level every 15 seconds ;) so yeah, there's tons coming all the time. I think we are around 7 million levels or so by now.
    --- Barb

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  • @Barb @Elliotb1 I was offline some days,but I experimented with a second account this,and yes,it took 47 hours to a level I made to get rated. In September-October,the queue was about 1 minute! I remember those days!
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    Being here, reading about that, getting Babes... sorry :3 @Barb's explanation... :p I am wondering what happens with all the tracks which failed the test period. I made way over 100 tracks by now. But only 2 of them seem to be played daily, generating coins. The rest was voted up to around 20, maybe up to 40... then, never being played again. So? Are those tracks are throwen in a big black digital trashcan, only being found by those who follow you ingame, but lost for anybody else?

    If so... why the hell am I wasting my time on building tracks, if nobody is going to see them, ever again?! Ô.ô

    Ever thought about some kind of a track randomizer, that brings back all those forgotten tracks?

    Another thought... so if nobody would be using the "new track" function, every new track would be kicked to the can, if not played and voted enough, right?

    Sounds like nightmare to me...

    "Does believing you're the last sane man on the planet make you crazy?"
    - Will Smith, iRobot
  • Yes, back then there were so few players making levels and so many playing them that the levels went flying by. It was insane! It's something that we need to adjust all the time to compensate for how people are playing.

    As for the Levels. When published, they go to the "new" queue, and they wait to be tested. After tested, if they had tons of bad votes a very large percentage (or if they fail to do some very simple things that would mean they just published an un-edited level) they are marked as Trash. this means just very bad levels that no one wants to see.

    What happens the most of the times is that the levels get marked as "Public" this means that they are now competing with all other levels in Public for the "Path" spots. Now, the game of course want's to choose the most recent (not a level made a year ago) that has the most votes (Hoping that the ones with the most votes are the best). So because they are competing with each other, that is why the percentage of Likes vs Dislikes is so inaccurate, but we always say the higher, the better, of course.

    For the sake of example, lets say that levels get 30 testers (but in reality it changes according to how we need to adjust) let's also pretend there are no other levels published except for the ones I mention:

    So imagine we have 3 levels published. One was made by someone who didn't even do anything in the Editor, and just played the pre-made level, or made one of those horrible "flat levels" (let's call it Level A) It goes to testing and people give 10 Likes and 20 Dislikes. The level is marked as trash and it will be available from the Creator's profile only.

    Level B is nicely made, and comes out of the testing with 27 Likes and 3 dislikes. This sounds super good. And it's very likely that it could be picked by the game! The level is marked Public and it's looking great!, It gets immediately published and people start getting it whenever they get to their latest Chest on the path (every time you open a chest, the game loads for the the next 5 levels that are on top).

    Level C comes out and it got one more Like than Level B, so it got 28 Likes and 2 dislikes. It also gets marked as Public and because it beat Level B with Likes, it is now featured on the Path. Players start getting it when they open chests, and Level B sees that they got 1000 Likes, but then they didn't get any more. That means that while the Level was successfully featured, the Feature ended because Level C got on top.

    Now Level D comes out and got 26 Likes and 4 Dislikes, It was very good, and it is Public, but since it didn't get enough Likes, It's not being Featured.

    Sometimes players still get randomly coins from levels they made a while ago. This could be because some players loaded your level back when it was Featured and never played until now, or that someone is playing your levels from your team or from your Profile :)

    However, It is my understanding that for example, players that finish tons of levels every day, they might "run out" of current great levels published, and in the case of the example, They get Level B featured for them again, because they never had it in their path before and its still better than the new Level D. And if Level E, F, G, etc have less Likes, then eventually they also get Level D featured, since it has better rating than the new ones.

    Wow.. sorry for my wall of text, I got carried away..


    Killed everyones eyes, I hope I make sense. :)
    --- Barb

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  • @Barb - Nah... everytime you offer a bit of intel to us, it will make us understand the way of process behind what we love. So, thank you.

    But like I've said - and my guess seem to be true - if a track is not featured, it will pass away into the digital nirvana, only to be found by those who are connected with the builder or if it is load on someone's path who didn't played for some time.

    If that's so, how is the builders cc involved in this picking process? A 64cc bike player won't be able to ride a 700cc track, isn't he?

    Everthing seems to be clear, but still complex at the same time. And it is totally clear, that just a few sandcorns of the tracks desert of over 7 million pieces will find their way to the planets roads.

    So how you think about my idea of the "random run"-button, that will choose one of this 7 million tracks by random? Beside the planet runs... without trophies or map pieces, without anything you have to wait for or buy emeralds. For those who just wanna race tracks and vote. Just for fun. And for us, to look out for more good trackies. B)

    Do you trapsies got any statistics when it is the best time to upload a track? Sometimes there are a lot of votes instantly... sometimes it last for hours to get some, beside those of our team.

    One day... maybe... we will be able to understand the mechanics behind this epic game! =)
    "Does believing you're the last sane man on the planet make you crazy?"
    - Will Smith, iRobot
  • I personally think that the random would be a bad idea. Imagine if you get one of the flat levels. Imagine if you get 10 flat levels in a row. That would make for a terrible experience for players and it would be discouraging to the regular players. It's the same issue that comes from the super cool Impossible puzzle levels. Those that love puzzles have great fun, but lots of players will just downvote them because they couldn't finish them.

    As for the CC's, I think we had a post explaining how that went, but I don't remember where it is now :D but Basically the Testing period doesn't just show the level to the next 30-50 people in line for playing a Gem level. It chooses the players for testing carefully.

    If you have, say, 300 CC's when you published, the game will first match the level to someone of your range of CC's, then with someone lower, then lower, then lower, then when it finds a player that can't finish the level, it tries more times to see if indeed other players of that CC range that can't finish, if people can still finish, it keeps testing lower and lower.

    Its funny because many people think that their levels cannot be finished by lower CC players, but every single time we have checked the CC minimum required by those players complaining about their levels, we can see that they have the minimum of 64 CC (which is the minimum CC in the game) So basically, most of the times, levels can be finished by others.

    I once experienced myself that I was trying a very nice level that was made by someone with very low CC's and I was complaining to @wempu that I just couldn't finish it. I gave my phone to her and she finished in the first time.. Because of course I kept the gas on ALL the time.. instead of slowing down and adjusting to the level. My bad. But I learned my lesson, sometimes it's just in my mind and I need to test it a bit more.

    And about the statistics, well, what we do know is that there are more people playing on the weekends, but this might mean also there are more levels published. It's hard to understand what goes on because there are so many things that affect player behavior, that it is impossible to predict or to accurately talk about. What works in a situation on any given day, might not work at all next week. That is why we don't talk much about it, because it changes so much that in a couple of days it could be completely the opposite.
    --- Barb

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  • Hmm... ok.
    By the way ... as you've said "any given day" ... that is a band name from a city near me called Oberhausen. So if you like metal in any way, you should listen to his "Diamonds" cover of Rhianna on youtube. I loved it. <3

    Have a nice weekend. ;)
    "Does believing you're the last sane man on the planet make you crazy?"
    - Will Smith, iRobot
  • Now I feel like I have the ethernal knowledge of the universe :D
    One of my biggest worries was the CC compatibility of my tracks and I finally understand how it works, THANK YOU!
    Sometimes I just do extremely easy tracks having in mind those with 64 CC, and they can become a little boring, but now I can do magic! ;) Thanks a lot @Barb!
  • No problem! Now i'm super curious how this information makes you change your plan of attack! :D
    --- Barb

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  • Well, @Barb, i'm working on a level called "Traplight Cannon" right now (and i'm late with that because YouTube catches all my time), but in the next one, "Arctic Dragons" will come back, and it will be my best race, for sure! :D Your info was tooooooooooooo useful on how i'm focusing it :)
  • I will release my epic auto level soon just haven't named it yet but it will drop soon!

    Soy un hombre de dios ~ JR
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    Getting a bit off-topic here aren't we? =)
    "Does believing you're the last sane man on the planet make you crazy?"
    - Will Smith, iRobot
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