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Just updated, I've lost my coins,gems,all lvls earnings and I'm reset to lvl 2 on the path,I was concerned to Facebook and still am,the 2 lvls I was building are there along with my live lvls,all trophy gone please help me I can't start over,I sent a message on support also ,I can't remember my @ ? But I'm tml connected to Facebook please help get me back up and running soon ;-(

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    Hello everyone!! Sorry about that, we are still working with some accounts not connected properly but we pushed several server fixes and we think that now everyone's accounts (save for some very particular exceptions) should be working like normal now.

    If yours is not working properly, please please do send us a message from inside the game (Settings -> Support) so that we can go over your account and link it back to the correct one.

    We are really sorry about this, but don't worry, no account is ever deleted so they are in our servers :)
    --- Barb

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  • Me too., is the game broken?
  • Same thing happened to me :/
  • Same thing here as well - lost my account and everything with it. Traplight try to sort this out!
  • How is this flagged as answered?
  • This is from their facebook:

    Big Bang Racing: Hi! We are very sorry about that :( Our devs are working on it and a fix will be pushed very soon. It will automatically reconnect you to your old account. I'll let you know in pm (if you don't mind) when the fix is ready. Thank you for your patience!
  • It's answered cuse @barb gave u an answer. Go to support from inside the game and they can help u from there
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