Light bridges bug

I don't know if it's posted somewhere in here already but I don't feel like searching after looking through over 300 general post. Anyway I love this game but one of the most annoying things is when I'm playing or racing and I hit a light bridge with too much speed and a wheel phases through and I get stuck. Please fix maybe by making the light harder or thicker? Tired of losing first place cuse I get stuck or have to slow down to not get stuck. Also super annoying when the bridge is right over electricity and ur wheel phases through and ur electrocuted. Not cool when it happens on races


  • Also I get my wheel stuck in regular ground if I have too much speed/force when I land sometimes
  • Hi! yeah, unfortunately that is a byproduct of our physics engine, if the force is enough to break through, it will go through. We do now, however, that the angle that you fall with has a lot to do with if it will break or not. So test around in the editor for example and practice on the angles that don't get you stuck.

    I hope this helps!
    --- Barb

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