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Traffic lights?

Traplight,I think you should add traffic lights,only for adventure levels(if you change in the editor from adventure to race,traffic light option disappears,and placed traffic lights disappear.)I've been thinking this for a while and I finally said:Great idea. Returning to the feedback,you can configure its road position(such as every decoration item)and there would be a timer,so you can configure how many seconds you want each colour.The T.L should act as a "danger" sign,and will be a great idea using before a destroyer,or an automatic elevator...It can be a great idea for most offroader adventure levels.If you think in races can be grat,the great position for it is at the start,so the race starts when it becomes green.


  • Thanks for the feedback! The traffic lights seem like a lot of work for the team right now, as you can already get the same effect by just placing the "drive ahead" (green arrow), "slow down" (snail) and "danger" (skull) signs in the track to tell the player basically the same things you would with the traffic lights :) We are currently swamped with ideas and new stuff we are developing, but we'll add your feedback to the list anyway ^^ Cheers!
  • I think instead of using it as a timer it should just be a traffic light post that u can change in editor to stay as green for go yellow for slow and red for stop. Yes we have the signs but I've developed trust issues with those signs due to trolling players haha. Just something to keep on the back burner for level improvements :)
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