Influx of new players down voting levels without playing-discouraging creators!!!

We have long time players of this game saying they are done making levels if something doesn't change. It is unfair for players that spend hours to days making levels to just have YouTube trollers get on the game and give 2 thumbs down without even attempting to play the level. @Traplight @Mike_the_Vike @tml @Miss_Yotsuba


  • I'm not calling out the 3 teammates I listed as complainers because they aren't. I just want their opinions on this. I have been noticing the down votes on great levels and want to have a discussion on possible solutions to this. Maybe veteran players get first go on good or bad levels?
  • Ah ok. You just want an opinion on this..
    Well, Let me put my sensible hat on... There's 2 ways this can be handled.
    1, The devs implement some way of limiting the amount of votes you can make per minute.
    Not what anyone wants.

    2, Just forget all about it and like all trends it will die out.

    I vote for 2.

    I would add to this that all this hate and negativity is being brewed in the global chat.
    I'd like to see some policing of that chat room. Maybe have a message cool down time so you can't constantly spam. If people have to wait 5 minutes before they can message again it makes them think very carefully about what they say as they don't want to waste a comment...

    I know it's not perfect, I never said it was, I'm just throwing ideas around, planting idea seeds for people who are more intelligent than me...
  • Thanks for the tread @gdn ,making lvls is one my favorite parts of the game, since joining bigbang racers team my racing skills have improved 10 fold ,this has allowed me to look at what makes a good race and helped me build some races that team mates like so much they run many times to beat each other's times. I know some of my older levels are not up to much but my building has improved with time also, sadly the recent introduction of the tourny "witch I also love" has had an impact on the lvl voting system ? The influx of child like morons must be of concern to the devs and the integrity of the votes these idiots are casting, when you see a flat line race running at 80% up, and my lvl that has an hours work in it running 50-50 there is clearly an issue with troll votes and it will (and is) forcing good lvl makers to rethink about posting, my last 2 lvls have been killed off with this voting which means they won't get look in on gb or path to reach a real audience and get the votes they may deserve, I know I'm not the best builder but my bio say a I ain't doing too bad. Any action you can take to resolve this issue would be awesome. Thanks for listening.
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    gdn said:

    I'm not calling out the 3 teammates I listed as complainers because they aren't.

    I don't think you know me very well at all, @gdn . I love a good ol' complain.

    But you're right about one thing though. I have not, and never will, complain about my levels getting down votes.

    Oh and my first option it my previous comment is not just referring to just that one solution. I am including all complicated solutions..
  • Hi guys! The Voting system is also quite complex (why do we make everything difficult?, lol) But for example there are cases where our system counts a downvote for less than normal, because we know how sometimes things get affected by external factors other than if the level is good or not.

    One clear example of the system doing this is for racing levels. You all know that those are the most difficult to get good ratings, because if someone looses, then they will most likely downvote due to frustration, so for those cases, we don't give much weight to the downvotes.

    Also for example, if someone downvotes a level without finishing it, we think that the opinion might be biased because of difficulty or lack of skill, not if the level was good.

    All in all, we have tons of tiny considerations here and there that help us keep a better record of what happens and a better sense of fairness, or at least that is what we strive for. We know our system is nowhere near perfect, but we do adjust it and tweak it trying to fine tune it. And also react to random situations that need to be tuned. Well, we keep working on it :)
    --- Barb

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  • @Barb I found a "bug" during live-watching my race levels' votes.Sometimes races got 2 dislikes instead 1,and that can be by several things:

    1.A player who plays the race by my profile,so 2 thumbs down are available,and he/she double dislikes the level.

    2.Two players disliking the race at the same second.(I sometimes live-watch my levels,and I refresh every second)

    3.The "bug" I said at the start of the post.

    PS:To "live-watch" a level,the only thing you must do is:Go to Create, if your level went recently to the Path,it will be easier.You must tap "Friend Levels" and re-tap"My levels".If you level(s) got likes in that short period of time,you will receive coins,as usual.
  • Anybody else but me recognized instant downvotes right after the upload? Made a track once that last about 2 minutes to solve. I uploaded, screen reloaded, went to my levels... 3 downvotes. Ôô Maybe 10 seconds after the upload? Are there really people out there starting tracks and quitting them instantly just to downvote them without driving it one second? How sick is that?
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  • @Mike_the_Vike mentioned in our team chat that same thing @Hauzuwienix
  • tmltml
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    My last lvl Called "test level "was just that a test to see how many kids I assume would down vote? Turns out if you put a lvl together in 2 minutes the votes seem as you would expect about 28-8 on the positive side? Yet the 2 lvls before that one had 1h and 4hs of work put in and on 1st day votes were negative ratio recovering to 50/50 and currently just in the positive, I have a cool mtc time travel now finished and I'm just sitting on it concerned about this trend in slagging high rate of work lvls.
  • We are looking into this more closely, specially with the particular Trolls that were pointed out to us.

    The weird things is that, for example, during Tournaments, we have noticed that people don't play new levels, so the queues can get up to 70+ hours until the level is next to be tested. So we would assume you are getting indeed those votes from the profile side. Now, we can't be sure, but we are definitively looking into it. We hope to find something soon.
    --- Barb

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    There is a chance that we will remove the possibility to give thumbs up/down when the level is in "Good or Bad" rating state, and you access it elsewhere than from floating gem node. Essentially, by accessing a level directly via player profile or Team chat, you could play the level, but not rate it -- unless it is a level that has already gone through the initial process of Good or Bad, and it has gotten its first batch of ratings. We are currently developing a relatively big update for level creators, and we'll see how this would fit with everything else that we're adding to our beloved creators :)
  • I think it has also happened to me, Get airborne 3 ways, that I consider the best level I've published has a 6/6 ratio or so, but electric paradise has got a 380/80 ratio, for weeks I've been trying to figure out what happened there, but I haven't been able to find out, please, if someone has a theory about it pretty please with a cherry on top tell me.
  • I've heard a rumour that people on a team have been told to downvote a certain racers levels.
    Just a rumour, but if I hear this again I will let you know.
  • Yes, we have been tracking down some issues related to this. If you hear which Team we can check the logs of their Team chat and try to track down the person posting it. So let us know :)
    --- Barb

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