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Have you noticed?

Have you guys noticed what happens when you die when going into the Portals? :D

I wonder who can get the funniest death involving that ;)
--- Barb

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  • Here is my video :v
  • --- Barb

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  • @Barb omg it's a mini alien! That's an awesome glitch lol
  • Lol! Your crash had a baby!
  • You can make it even smaller and also have it jumping around like a little fish, its so weird!

    It doesn't work if you die on the portal while playing normally. When the Alien goes into the portal (and it gets small) pause the game and hit restart from that screen. :D
    --- Barb

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  • edited May 2017

    Not my best death gif but I got it sooooo small you'd have trouble spotting it if he wasn't jumping around!

    This makes me think of the "is it a bug or a feature? Why not both?" joke haha. This game keeps getting better and better for all the silly randomness
  • Aww super tiny!! That is awesome. @Scourger and me were doing a few but never got that small.

    I think that if you are driving, then upon death the alien will be jumping around like a fish out of water :D

    The mysteries of our physics engine :D
    --- Barb

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  • I think that's just about as small as the lil guy can get, and yea ive noticed sometimes the body flops around and other times if the body is still in the car, the car will start flipping on its own and moving all over the place lol. Best physics engine for a mobile game around! Some "bugs" are total just features ;) haha
  • I love it when you land on top, and the alien is pounded into the buggy and then it starts making flips all the the time. =)
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