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Flips and Accelerator Not Working

edited May 2017 in Bug reports
There's a huge issue after the update affecting lots of players in my team. At first I thought it was my tablet screen but it does it on my phone, too. And now lots of other people are talking about the same game breaking bug...
It appears that when I lean forward or backwards I stop accelerating. Or, the other way around, If im accelerating I can not flip..
I messaged the devs a few days ago from in game but as it's getting serious and more and more people are complaining about it I thought I'd add it here on the forums so others can speak up about the issue...


  • I too have had this very same problem and at least 4or5 other team mates has mentioned this throttle and flip button just not working under thumb, it's been intermittent but still spoiling game play every few races,please check if it was an issue with the latest update and fix as so as pos, we are all really struggling with it. Many thanks; -)
  • @Traplight @wempu @Barb same is happening to me again too. It is the same problem I had last year when @Hiipi was on Next Level and helped me out with it. I am still on s6.
  • Hi guys! We are working on it and having troubles replicating it. It would help us a lot if we can narrow down parameters for our search. For example, is everyone using Samsung devices? Android, iOS? I remember I had a problem also with it on my old phone (s5 mini) but then that phone is so bad (it has a faulty ram chip) that we use it for testing what very old and bad phones can handle.

    What about you @Miss_Yotsuba and @tml what phones/devices are you using?
    --- Barb

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  • @Barb I'm using a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact phone and a Hudl 2 tablet. Both have the same issue.
  • What android versions you are using? Have you updated your android version with the newest build in the phone? Does it always do that touch problem, if not what is the specific way to reproduce the problem? Is it in racing only or does the problem appear on tournaments and adventure levels?

    - Traplight QA
  • It doesn't happen all the time just random times on races and adventure levels.
  • tmltml
    edited May 2017
    HI ,yes I'm using a note 4, it's intermittent but still quite regular and it always happens just when you don't want it. Sometimes if you depress the button and tap it again quickly it re engages the function? ? It happens in all types of play tourny, race, addv, haven't noticed it in building?
  • Happening to me too. Only just noticed as I've been off all week. I'm using an iPad with the latest iOS update.
  • Tablet is running 5.1 and is updated. Phone is running 6.0.1 and is also updated.
    The issue appears to be random, at least for me. It happens in races and adventure levels.
    I don't know what causes it and I can not reproduce it on demand.
    But I will try and explain it in more detail as what exactly happens...
    I will be driving along and I start to go up a hill. As i lean forwards I stop accelerating. If I stop leaning I start accelerating again...
    It also happens the other way around... For example, I will be going over a jump and I will try to do a flip, but if I'm holding the accelerator button the bike/car will stop rotating until I let go of the accelerator.

    This has only started happening since the update and I'm guessing it's not a device issue as there's so many people that it's effecting and many different devices.
    We can't all have faulty phones/tablets all at the exact same time... lol.

    Hope this helps a bit.
  • Hey guys, I've noticed I've had this problem where it doesn't register my fingers as well, but it only happens when I'm playing while charging my phone, as soon as I unplug problem goes away
  • There is a problem with touchscreens registering wrong touches or not registering touches at all with majority of devices (Both Android and IOS) when charging the phone. Problem can get really bad if using 3rd party chargers and/or bad cables.

    We are looking into the problem. Can only produce it with few devices, but in those it´s been there from the start cause the way the screens work with multitouches on those devices and it´s hardware based problem.

  • @Scourger works with us doing QA. He needs an Alien portrait :D
    --- Barb

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  • HI devs, I've used this feed again because several of my team are reporting this control issue again, I've informed them of the charger issue but they are experiencing it without the charger in? I suggested a good screen clean but wanted to know if anyone else has started reporting this problem again? Any help on this would be great; -)
  • Hi @tml, we have continued to look into this and we think we are pinpointing the problem. We think it is related to how the particular devices handle the touches in the game, for example, here we have managed to replicate the issue using Samsung devices (including mine).

    If I remember correctly, some devices can only detect 2 touches at the same time. If you accidentally touch the accelerator and then your palm touches the screen (second touch) when you touch the spin it will no longer detect it. Same with the other way around. If you have pressed the spin and accelerator (and then the palm) but then stop pressing the accelerator, the device will get the 2nd input as the palm, and when you attempt to use the accelerator again it won't detect it.

    At least this is our strongest Theory right now and we have been able to replicate it here. It would be awesome if you guys can give it a go and tell us how it goes. So try to touch some other part of the screen while driving, and then without and see how it goes. :)

    That would be great.
    --- Barb

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  • Ok so i had a quick go with multiple touch points and this is in no way effecting the controls, my device is note4 and is well equipped to handle multiple touch, and although very infrequent I do experience this dead touch on controls occasionally? But some team mates are really struggling with it and trophy raceing is proving quite difficult, I will pass on the multiple touch thing and see if it helps them but there is still an underlying issue as mine also experiences it? Hope this feedback gets you closer to the solution; -)
  • Thanks, that is very.. unexpected. Yes, if you device is good with multi touch then you should be ok. We notice it happens the most on Samsungs. My own Samsung used to do it a lot too. We will have to keep digging.
    --- Barb

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