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So I was chatting with friends in open chat when @Mike_the_Vike brought up an interesting point. He said he wish he didn't have to race against his teammates and I thought hmmm that doesn't happen to me but I'm a much higher cc then everyone else on my team. But then I thought it could come to a point where they could potentially lose trophies against me and I wouldn't want my own teammates to lose team trophies racing against me. It seems like it could become counter-productive in the near future. Thoughts? @Barb

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  • It is slightly counter productive but people drive based on skill as well as CC
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    Hmm... now you've mention it, I was wondering how and why my trophies are decreasing by themself over time. Never spend time on investigations in that case, cuz I am a Trackbuilder, not a racer. But I race from time to time.

    So... if I compete on a track, being forced to be the best, to get additional trophies, others are forced to race with me - I am aware of just racing their ghosts. ;)
    But everytime someone beats the time on a race others lose their trophies... okay with me.
    So why does it bother you, if your team mates lose them by you? They lose them anyways.

    But... and here comes my second thought on this...
    If I make the best time possible on that track with 600cc for example... nobody slower would be able to kick me from this throne, right? So slower ones are doomed to lose against me... and only faster ones are able to beat me. Right?!

    That's where I once argued about unfair racing moments. If somebody faster as you made best record time... you are forced to lose. Which sucks much more then losing points by not doing anything.

    I am ok by beating my own mates. That's what races are about. Love to have team mates in tournament rooms to beat them. For me it is more fun to beat people I know, then others I don't.

    But everybody has his own point of view on this I guess. ;)

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  • Nah I'm talking specifically about team trophies and how, as a team trying to be in the top 10, I would rather my players not have to race against me so they stand a better chance of getting first and how they have to work to beat players outside my team. Tournaments have no affect on team trophies except of course players not getting them while focusing on getting first in tournaments lol
  • You may be right ;)
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  • Iv played against some ov my team mates and half the time I lose trophies when that happens.
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    really :o @redracer
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