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Return to mobile settings for the forums?

So I noticed the full site button and I clicked it to check it out and now I can't return back to the mobile set up for the page, the full site mode is way too small on my phone. Please help me figure out how to revert it back

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  • For iPhone i had to get into my profile where it says "vanillasupport" and then I found the button. Took awhile though lol
  • edited June 2017
    Yo Rick, off topic, can I bypass # of trophies needed to join your team? I do have a watch that turns people into snakes.
  • Ahaha hahahaha I love this man! And yes I take in all Rick and morty fans haha I'll lower the limit, sorry for taking awhile to get back to u haven't been on in awhile @SouthtownZ
  • Omg you got pretty much all your trophies this week? Can't wait to have you on the team man!
  • @SouthtownZ hit me up in open tournament chat, let too many low levels in leaving my trophy limit down for u
  • edited June 2017
    @Schwifty_Rick yo buddy, sorry about that. Just call me Mr Bulldops. Wasn't even sure if you'd catch my post. I think I did the open tournament chat you requested (in the actual game, right?). Lmk duder.
  • Still on buddy?
  • @Schwifty_Rick it's time to crunch the numbers.
  • Hey so it's 10 am here, so I'll check here n there cuse team is full now, so just win a couple races an I'll know ur on if I don't see u in open chat
  • Hey man, I'm here.
  • Still not sure about open chat. I just quit my old team and now no longer see the chat function in the menu (in game)
  • Haha shit sorry man was at work, u see the event button and how there's a tournament friday? That will take u to open chat
  • No worries, you're good duder. Alright, success, I'm there now.
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