Repeated levels on the path

So I noticed something a couple days but I wasn't sure if it was similar levels or what but something weird happened just now. I played my level 3112 which was mount repose by cujo and then level 3115 was the same exact level. I read you guys are working on the path system so more popular levels show up or something but I thought I'd let you guys know


  • Thanks, we will pass this on to our QA so they can check it out. Hopefully it was a one time incident, but we will look into it.
    --- Barb

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  • Happened again today, not a huge problem though because I got mega coins and gems the second time! Haha
  • @Barb It's not a one time incident. It happens to me constantly, about 3 days ago I played the same level multiple times in one path section. Team mates have confirmed that they too are replaying levels in path sections.
  • It happened to me twice.
  • Definitely happening more and to more players
  • Alright, it seems to be related to the changes we made to the Path Selection system. Basically we made it more flexible to show more levels that could be jewels hiding just one or two votes behind the normally selected and the game now shows those too. One of our programmers will be looking into it because it seems that the repeated levels are a weird side effect. We will get into it as soon as possible.
    --- Barb

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  • Haha not only did I have a repeated level I got mega coins both times XD and awesome @Barb you guys rock!
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