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tournament issue

Problem: if two guys get the same time in tournament the guy which made the time first get behind the one who made the time later...
Solution: gibe these guys the same
place and prizes because their time is exactly the same and its frustrating if u get e.g. just the second place and the first one had the same time...


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  • Hi, I confirmed with the programmers and the app registers more numbers than it shows.

    So if 2 players have the same time at 16.610
    The reality is that one was registered in the servers as: 16.6100005 and the other as: 16:61000004

    In short, it does sort them accordingly to who finished first. It's just that the difference is so tiny that the game doesn't show it. It's a matter of design really, we wouldn't want there to be times with so many numbers as it makes it difficult to read.

    I hope this clears it up a bit :)
    --- Barb

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  • oki thanks 4 the fast reply:D So i just got unlucky... little bit frustrating to get the second places this way:O
  • Yeah, specially when the difference is so super tiny! Sorry about that!
    --- Barb

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