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One of my threads disappeared/got deleted?

So my secret hat thread is gone and yes I know there are already a few of them made but mine was helpful, I had the list and even how to follow people for new players right at the top. The other threads are long or incomplete. Im just wondering if it was deleted cuse of multiple threads or because it was about the secret hats? Otherwise I'll remake the post and hopefully elchapo won't post on it this time

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  • :o @Schwifty_Rick Sorry for the disappearance of your thread, hopefully the Traplight team knows what happened. :)
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  • Not a huge deal since I know stuff isn't normally deleted here but if it's cuse of the contents of the post I'll respectively not do it again
  • Fair enough @wempu I just wasn't seeing a complete list on that thread or how to even follow people for new players, I wanted to make a thread that has the list at the beginning of it with a description of how to follow for all the hundreds of new players that the tournaments brought in, hope you understand I was just trying to be helpful because I had been playing for months before I got any useful information on hats from a teammate
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