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Flag changed

Hi there

I have an issue where my flag changed from Ireland (where I live) to UK (I wasn't there or visiting or on a border. It just changed when I opened the game today. Device
- The device you are playing the game with, iPad 2
Game version:
- ???
Player name AND id:
- Please tell us your Player name exactly as it is written, MisterJay @cu3lf
- In which situation did the issue or bug occur (during a level, in the editor, in the
menus)? All
Bug description:
- My country flag has changed on my game to U.K. from Ireland. I am in Ireland and haven't travelled anywhere near the UK. Nothing changed in my circumstances yet my flag is different today.

NOTE: If the game crashes, try to take a screenshot of the crash screen before you restart the app. Screenshots in general can help us better understand the problem you are experiencing, so you feel free to use them with your bug reports.


  • Hi, I sent this to support and they fixed your Flag. Sometimes it's about the data from the Network, not only if the signal has to be from the other country or not. I am not 100% sure how that works, but now that they have manually switched it, it should stay with the Irish one :)
    --- Barb

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