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Country Switching

I noticed while browsing through my friends and following list that some people switched countries. For example, @gdn went from America to Japan, and @n00b went from Canada to Finland. Anyone else switch countries in-game? This was on their profile, by the way.
Eat My Dust, packid851
Yes, that is my Big Bang Racing username


  • Yea I get switched to canada at times, not a big deal though
  • GDn asked us for a flag change, and n00b I think it was a bug from the time we ran his Tournament.

    For players that get switched on their own, it might be because their devices get a signal from the network of another country, specially when living close to borders, or when traveling. But if it bothers too much, you can ask Support for a change, and I think they override the automatic switching.
    --- Barb

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