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[IMPORTANT] Community Rules

edited September 2017 in General

NOTE: This is an important post that you should read first when you start using the forums, or when you start playing any Traplight games.

1. Behave!
2. If you don't behave, we will ban you
3. Don't impersonate Traplight or Admins
4. Know how to post – Don't make duplicate threads, ENGLISH only! (Read more below)
5. No spamming or bumping
6. Respect everyone's privacy and anonymity.
7. Only 1 forum account/person
8. Have fun!

But in all seriousness, please read the full rules below as well. Thank you!

Hi everyone!

After chatting with the active people here on the Forum, collecting feedback and taking a close look on how our community works inside the games and outside, we have decided on a set of rules that we expect every community member to follow.

It's important that everyone here has a common rules that make it easier for us to behave, be nice to each other and have fun. Having these rules also makes it easier for us as moderators and developers to know when exactly someone has crossed the line, and to make sure toxic people and acts don't get to have their way.

What we want most is that everyone playing our games feels safe, included and free of any kind of harassment. On top of that, there are some things that just need to be added based on our Terms of Service (eg. no spamming, gem deals etc.), but mostly these rules are in place so that we can all enjoy our time here and in the games.

So please, read these rules carefully, and make sure you really understand what they mean.


1. We want everyone to BEHAVE in both the Forum and in our games. This means that we don’t tolerate rudeness, insulting posts or messages in any form, harassment, pointing fingers, offensive/vulgar/discriminatory language, any kind of toxic behaviour or abuse towards Admins, Support, Moderators, forum goers or players. The Traplight team has the final say in what is and what isn’t appropriate.

If you experience harassment or toxicity, or you know that someone in the game or Forums is being bullied in any form, please contact the Admins or Support, so we can investigate the situation.

2. If you are caught breaking the first rule, the Traplight team has the full right to remove your comments or threads, flag or ban you in the game or forums, remove your accounts or take any other necessary actions to fight inappropriate behaviour. The Team has the full right to ban you/remove your content/account without any warning if they deem so.

3. You are not allowed to impersonate as Admin, Moderator or member of the Traplight team, and you are not allowed to post information as official information related to Traplight or their games. If there is chance of confusing you or your content as official Traplight content, the content can be removed by the Admins.

4. Please be considerate of the following when posting on the Forum:
- Always read the Announcements when visiting the Forums. The important info will be marked with [IMPORTANT], [INFO] or [DEV]. Only the Dev team and Admins are allowed to use these tags.
- Read the forums first to see if someone has already posted a thread of the topic you had in mind. ALWAYS post to already existing threads instead of starting a new one.
- Post to the correct sub category
- If you want a better chance for the Traplight team to notice your question or feedback, please tag relevant people (eg. @wempu, @barb, @seppo) on your post. Don’t however spam or abuse this, or there will be consequences.
- Posts that are in the wrong category or have a duplicate topics can be moved or removed without warning by the Admins or Moderators.
- Make sure your content is in line with rule number 1
- Language of the Forums is English. Any content written in other languages will be removed.

5. No spamming of any kind. This includes: Discussion or promotion of products, free gem or third party gem sites, illegal activities, emulators, music/intellectual property piracy etc. On the Forum discussing other games or content that is not relevant to Traplight’s games is considered spamming. Spam content will be removed, and spammers might be banned from the Forum and from the game. Bumping your thread intentionally without having anything new to say is also considered a form of spamming, and is not allowed.

6. Respect everyone's privacy and anonymity. You are not allowed to spread any player's personal details (including, but not limited to real name, gender, age, home address, phone number, email address etc.) in the forum or in the game. It is also not allowed to publicly discuss any personal messages that you got from Admin, or publicly identify players that have flagged your post, or sent personal messages to you.

7. Users are permitted only one forum account. Creating multiple accounts will result in a permanent ban of all accounts.

8. Be nice, help others, have fun

Thank you for your collaboration!

Love, Traplight Team


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