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[DEV] Season rewards changed to Coins



  • @Seppo yup, we use to have a chance at 50 gems, now 1st is 1500.
  • What do I do with the coins I'm earning if I'm 1200 on both vehicles guys? Need a conversation if this is going to be the direction. Can someone shed some light?
  • Why can't the big bang points earned be converted into something
  • @wempu @barb , I'm really need some kind of assurance you will be changing back to a top 20 reward system, you can give out coins or fairy dust for all I care but I need the top 20 challenge cos top 10 is out of reach when you're in a the world's best team, for me this change has killed the game, I'm no longer racing as there's nothing to race for, it means leaving a team of friends and finding alternative where top 10 is achievable, to be honest I'd rather delete the app and move on.
  • Hey everyone!

    After analysing the data and feedback during this season, we plan to increase the amount of winners back to 20 players per Team. Whether this affects only global Top 10 Teams or all Teams is still under feasibility investigation. You can also expect some of the lower-tier rewards to be rounded up a notch. For now, we keep Coins as the form of reward and encourage everyone to play Good or Bad levels to fulfill your Gem needs.

    These adjustments will take place at the beginning of a new season, either June 21st or June 28th, depending on how efficiently we are able to pre-fix the technical issues that arose during previous season reward adjustments. I will write again here once the date has been locked.

    Thanks everyone for your feedback and support!
  • Okay everyone, just did the number crunching as I always am inclined to do (maybe I should have been an accountant instead of a gardener lol).

    Using the best possible gem-coin ratio which comes from trading 1600 gems for 100,000 (100k) coins - I calculated the number of weeks each player in my current team (#4 globally) would need to play in order to obtain either the 1600 gems in the old system, or 100k coins in new system. This is just facts, I'll add any personal opinions later:

    I rounded the numbers to 1 decimal place.

    Old GEM system:

    Position - old % of total team reward - weeks req'd to earn 1600 gems

    1st - 25% - 4 weeks
    2nd - 12% - 8.3 weeks
    3rd - 10% - 10 weeks
    4th - 7% - 14.3 weeks
    5th - 5% - 20 weeks
    6th - 5% - 20 weeks
    7th - 5% - 20 weeks
    8th - 4% - 25 weeks
    9th - 4% - 25 weeks
    10th - 4% - 25 weeks

    New COIN system:

    Position- % of total team reward - number of weeks req'd to earn 100k coins

    1st - 30% - 3.7weeks
    2nd - 16% - 6.9weeks
    3rd - 12% - 9.3 weeks
    4th - 9% - 12.4weeks
    5th- 8% - 13.9weeks
    6th - 7% - 15.9 weeks
    7th - 6% - 18.5 weeks
    8th - 5% - 22.2 weeks
    9th - 4% - 27.8 weeks
    10th - 3% - 37 weeks

    So keep in mind that this week value is for the top 10 racers of the #4 global team, if you are in a higher team, the weeks required will be less, if you are in a lower ranked team, the weeks required will be more.

    Looking at these numbers, positions 1-8 in ALL teams actually are getting a HIGHER EQUIVALENT REWARD than they were with gems.

    Potions 9&10 are NOT.

    And obviously positions 11-20 are getting nothing where they used to get something.

    @Seppo @Barb

    I think there have been enough personal opinions stated or vented so I'll keep mine short and sweet.

    I'd argue that the culture and activity levels of the top 1-3 teams is vastly different from even the top 4-10 teams globally.

    The closer you are to the grand prize and glory, the more competitive and focussed the team becomes.

    As a consistent top 10 racer within whichever team I'm in, this new system will help me achieve my top tier 100k upgrades faster.

    I guess the question to ask as developers here is where do you draw the line on rewarding sheer effort versus activity levels.

    And skill does play a part but that is hard to quantify.

    Maybe you could share some of the stats on the total number of teams globally, how many are active versus inactive players there are and explain what measuring stick you use to determine this etc.

    I personally think that the switch to coins as a concept for promoting playing of good or bad levels as the main source of gems is definitely a good move. :+1:

    As for whether or not the return to top 20 rewards is done across the board or just for the top 10 or top 20 teams, that is harder to figure out.

    An alternative may be to take on the suggestion someone else made about making rewards distributed to only players who have raced within the season.

    I don't know how hard that would be to program, but that would solve many problems. It opens up space for lower ranked players to gain a reward over a higher inactive player, which prevents rewards being wasted on inactive accounts.

    Let the numbers do the talking, then let our conversations give them context :)

    Good luck, am really looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

    Splodge :+1:
  • Hi devs.

    So, I was quick to complain last week and I will be equally quick to praise - thanks so much for putting it back to top 20. So very much appreciated.
  • Hey everyone.

    As you may have already seen, we returned the amount of winners to 20 for all Teams starting this season. Simultaneously we increased the coin pot for most score tiers as there are now more winners.

    We are hoping to implement a more dynamic reward structure where the pot is shared among Team based on racing activity of each player, but as that requires more thought and development, it will take some time before it sees the light of day.

    In the meanwhile, we hope that this current structure will keep you engaged and pushes your Teams to new heights! Happy racing everyone!
  • @Seppo I have mixed emotions about this. This will make it easier for me to make epic levels, but the chicken buckets will be reduced. I love my chicken buckets :p
    Eat My Dust, packid851
    Yes, that is my Big Bang Racing username
  • I like the reward change. Its a good idea.
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